Speakers & Panelists

Before JSM

  • For every presentation (paper, panel, or poster), one copy of a complete draft manuscript and brief biographical sketch of the presenting author must be sent to the session chair by May 15, 2015. Invited sessions with no discussant are exempt from this submission.
  • A draft manuscript is proof of a "paper in progress." It can be a copy of your presentation slides, a copy of your handouts, a detailed draft outline of your presentation, or a draft copy of your final manuscript.
  • If you have a later draft with major changes, send a copy to your session chair. It is also helpful to send the session chair a copy of handouts, visuals, etc. prior to JSM.
  • Remember that many points sound differently when presented orally than when the reader can go over the printed words and symbols.
  • Present only the main points of your paper.
  • Speak from notes, rather than reading the written version of your paper.
  • Practice your talk.
  • Ask colleagues to listen to you, including those who are not too knowledgeable about your topic.
  • Make your rehearsal realistic and time it.
  • Refine your timing.


  • Check the program changes document for last-minute changes.
  • Email your session chair to acknowledge your arrival.
  • Verify the location of your room.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early.
  • Introduce yourself to the session chair.
  • Be aware of the time for your presentation.
  • Use the microphone provided and speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard in the back of the room.
  • Stay for the entire session.

After JSM