Participation Guidelines

Limits on Presentations

The Committee on Meetings, with members drawn from the cosponsoring societies, has put into place the following guidelines to help encourage a wide and diverse set of presenters.

Each participant may do up to one (1) activity from each of categories A-I:

  • Deliver a main presentation (one of the following):
    • Present an invited paper
    • Serve on an invited panel
    • Present a contributed or topic-contributed paper
    • Present a contributed or topic-contributed poster
    • Present in a speed session
    • Serve as a discussant, panelist, or other presenter in a topic-contributed session
  • Chair a session
  • Present an invited poster
  • Present an introductory overview lecture
  • Teach a short course or workshop for the Professional Development program
  • Lead a roundtable (coffee or lunch) or speak at a speaker luncheon
  • Present in a first-time invited memorial session (first time a memorial session has been submitted and designated for a particular deceased person)
  • Present in a late-breaking session
  • Serve as a discussant in an invited session

While the above guidelines allow for multiple presenting roles within the JSM program, please note that a person cannot hold multiple roles within one session. In addition, the participation rules do not preclude individuals from being co-authors of as many papers as they wish or from organizing multiple sessions. Only the JSM Program Chair, with ample justification, can grant exceptions to the above rules.