Professional Development (PD) is a fundamental component of the professional life of statisticians, increasing the value of their contributions to society. PD is the process of improving and broadening the knowledge, skill, and personal qualities needed to be successful in the practice of statistics. To meet your Professional Development needs, the ASA offers Continuing Education and Personal Skills Development courses and workshops at JSM.

Continuing Education

In methodology and practice, by keeping abreast of new techniques and theory, staying connected with best practice, growing in areas not previously studied (or refreshing forgotten material), and gathering ideas and direction for future research.

Continuing Education Courses

In technology, by learning about new computational techniques and software tools and by staying on top of trends in technology and new sources of data that are creating major new opportunities for statisticians.

Computer Technology Workshops

Personal Skills Development

Effective communication, collaboration, leadership, and influence are vital to the impact of individual contributions and the visibility of our profession. Career planning can add valuable insights on how to improve, change, or advance in our careers.

Communication: Speaking, presenting, consulting, listening, and writing
Collaboration: Team building, teamwork, and understanding personality types
Career Planning: Finding a challenging and rewarding position, goal setting, career advancement, negotiation, and strategic planning
Leadership: Influence, conflict resolution, and creative problemsolving

Personal Skills Development Courses