If you are interested in chairing a session, please contact the member of the program committee chairing the section/society that is of interest to you.

Before JSM

  • Advise presenters and discussants to follow the participation guidelines.
  • Collect draft manuscripts from all presenters in your session by May 15, 2015.
  • Obtain a biographical sketch of all participants and prepare a brief introduction for each.
  • Contact the ASA Meetings Department at if you have changes to presenters or their contact information.


Before the Session

  • Check the JSM Cyber Center for any late messages about your session and/or presenters.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early.
  • Check the condition of your meeting room, especially equipment and how/if the microphone(s) work. If assistance is needed, alert the AV technicians via the in-room system.
  • Verify speakers' names (pronunciation), titles, and affiliations.
  • Check the program changes document for any last-minute changes.

During the Session

  • Announce any changes in the program changes document.
  • Start on time.
  • Keep introductions brief.
  • Insist that all speakers use the microphone.
  • Make sure presenters do not block the view of the screen.
  • Hold each speaker to the allotted time as printed in the program.
  • Remind speakers about their remaining time (e.g., prepare flash cards for five (5) minutes and one (1) minute remaining).
  • If a presenter ends early or does not attend, use that extra time for questions and comments. Do not start the next paper early.
  • Stop the presentation of any speaker who does not adhere to the statistical subject of their paper.
  • Keep questions brief and relevant. Restate questions to be sure they are heard by everyone.
  • End on time.

After JSM

  • Complete a Chair Report Form.