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Activity ID:  112
Regular Contributed Posters
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
12:00 PM - 1:50 PM
Room: H-East Corridor
Business & Economics Statistics Section*, ENAR, Section on Bayesian Stat. Sciences*, Section on Statistical Computing*, Section on Statistical Education*, Section on Statistical Graphics*, Section on Survey Research Methods*, Section on Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences*, Social Statistics Section* Contributed
Organizer: n/a
Chair: Thomas R. Belin, University of California, Los Angeles
Discussant: - Ryan Bell, ASA    

Posters in the areas of Sampling/Surveys, Education/Training/Consulting, Government/Social Statistics, and Business/Economic/Marketing Statistics
  301239  By:  James R. Knaub, Jr. 08/12/2002
Poster # 01   Practical Methods for Electric Power Survey Data

  300872  By:  William  Yu 08/12/2002
Poster # 02   Design Effect Variation for Estimates Derived from the MEPS (1996-1999)

  300921  By:  Gerhard  Fries 08/12/2002
Poster # 03   The 2001 SCF Editing Process

  301428  By:  Ronaldo   Iachan 08/12/2002
Poster # 04   Area Sampling for Estimating Coverage of Post-secondary Institution Lists

  301761  By:  Sonia  Balet 08/12/2002
Poster # 05   Puerto Rico Telephone Point of Purchase Survey-2001

  301791  By:  Sylvia K. Fisher 08/12/2002
Poster # 06   What Factors Affect Establishment Respondents' Decision to Participate in Government Surveys?

  301939  By:  Elchanan  Cohn 08/12/2002
Poster # 07   Student Attitudes About Graphs and Their Relation to Performance in Principles of Economics

  301233  By:  James J. Grady 08/12/2002
Poster # 08   Strategies for Writing Statistical Sections for Grant Applications

  301302  By:  Patricia L. Smith 08/12/2002
Poster # 09   The Fallacy of Random Sampling From Bulk Materials

  301006  By:  Kerstin R. Allen 08/12/2002
Poster # 10   Boston Area Statisticians Reach Out to High School Statistics Teachers: Project Start-up

  301170  By:  Andrea  Berghold 08/12/2002
Poster # 11   Incorporating Material From The Web Into A Biostatistics Course

  301665  By:  Daniel  W. Byrne 08/12/2002
Poster # 12   Improving the Quality of an Introductory Biostatistics Course for Physicians

  301876  By:  Margaret  Peterson 08/12/2002
Poster # 13   Teaching Practical Applications to Health Services Fellows

  301711  By:  Mark C. Fulcomer 08/12/2002
Poster # 14   Incorporating Large and Historical Bibliographies into the Teaching of Applied Statistics and Epidemiology

  301009  By:  Emily  Gross 08/12/2002
Poster # 15   Electronic Dissemination of Internal Revenue Service Locality Data

  301126  By:  Marc  Calllens 08/12/2002
Poster # 16   The Impact of the Mother's Education on the Third Birth in Europe. A Discrete-time Multilevel Hazard Analysis.

  301768  By:  Carlos E.  Toro 08/12/2002
Poster # 17   Puerto Rico Family Income Survey--1999

  300410  By:  Jeffrey D. Kromrey 08/12/2002
Poster # 18   Estimates of Variance Components in Random Effects Meta-Analysis: Sensitivity to Violations of Normality and Variance Homogeneity

  301230  By:  Martin S. Levy 08/12/2002
Poster # 19   Decision Theoretic Approaches to Selecting the Optimal Mailing Size In Direct Marketing

  300772  By:  Morteza  Marzjarani 08/12/2002
Poster # 20   Interaction Between Data Mining Algorithms and Database Technology

  300773  By:  Kerie  Wenzlick 08/12/2002
Poster # 21   Some User-friendly Data Mining Tools

  301318  By:  Stephen B. Vardeman 08/12/2002
Poster # 22   Development Programs for One-Shot Systems Using Multiple-State Design Reliability Models

  301767  By:  Madhuri S. Mulekar 08/12/2002
Poster # 23   More Powerful But Still Easy to Use Data Analysis with JMP Version 5

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