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193 Mon, 7/30/2012, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Sails Pavilion
Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Section on Statistical Education — Contributed Poster Presentations
Section on Statistical Education
Chair(s): Kristin Duncan, San Diego State University
41: Tennis Balls Four Ways: An Activity on Accuracy and Precision Debra Hydorn, University of Mary Washington ; Kathryn Loesser Casey, University of Mary Washington
42: Nonspecialist Graduate Students' Experience of Statistics Courses: From Students' Voices Monica Dabos, University of California at Santa Barbara
44: Best Practices of Online Teaching and Research-Case Study Chandra Aleong, Delaware State University ; John Aleong, University of Vermont
45: Development and Validation of an Instrument to Assess College Students' Inferential Reasoning in Statistics Jiyoon Park, University of Minnesota ; Bob del Mas, University of Minnesota
46: Teaching Statistics Within a Developing Country Mark Griffin, Australian Development Agency for Statistics and Information Systems
47: Variation Exploration Lab in Manufacturing Setting Diane Evans, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
48: A Fallacy in Student Attitude Research: The Impact of the First Class Michael Posner, Villanova University
49: Using Low-Tech Chat to Foster High-Quality Interactions in an Online Statistics Course Naomi Schmidt, New Mexico State University
50: Student Self-Evaluation of Learning with Other Assessment Tools, Part II Julia Norton, California State University East Bay ; Zach Espe Dietz, Consultant ; John D Lovell, California State University East Bay ; John Alva Norton, California State University East Bay
51: Optimal Item Selection in Multidimensional Adaptive Testing Haskell Sie, Penn State University ; James L Rosenberger, Penn State University
52: Is Computer-Graded Homework an Effective Tool in Introductory Statistics Lynn Eudey, California State University East Bay ; Julia Norton, California State University East Bay
53: Developing a Second Course in Statistics for Students in the Social Sciences Sharon J Lane-Getaz, St. Olaf College
55: Building a 'Course Community' in a Digital Age for Teaching Undergraduate Probability Ginger Rowell, Middle Tennessee State University ; Kyle Seigrist, The University of Alabama at Huntsville
56: Testing the Effectiveness of Personal Glossaries for Building Vocabulary and Conceptual Understanding in Introductory Statistics Amy Froelich, Iowa State University ; Wilmina Siegfried, Iowa State University
57: Preparing Students for a Data-Rich World Kyle Barriger, Castilleja School
58: The Undergraduate Statistics Program of the Future April Kerby, Winona State University ; Brant Deppa, Winona State University ; Tisha Lynn Hooks, Winona State University ; Chris Malone, Winona State University
59: Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition Brant Deppa, Winona State University ; Tisha Lynn Hooks, Winona State University ; April Kerby, Winona State University ; Chris Malone, Winona State University
60: Feeling Confident? Validating a Tool for Assessing Statistical Self-Efficacy in the Undergraduate Student Population Ian Mouzon, Iowa State University ; Ulrike Genschel, Iowa State University ; Alicia L. Carriquiry, Iowa State University ; Monica Degnan, Iowa State University ; John Riddles, Iowa State University ; Elgin Johnston, Iowa State University ; Wolfgang Kliemann, Iowa State University ; Kenneth Koehler, Iowa State University ; Hien Nguyen, Iowa State University

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