How to Participate

Limits on Presentations

Please follow the guidelines below to encourage a wide and diverse set of presenters.

Each participant may do one activity from each of categories A–D:

  1. Deliver a main presentation (one of the following):
    • Present in an invited session
    • Present a contributed paper
    • Present a poster
  2. Chair a session
  3. Teach a workshop
  4. Serve as a discussant in an invited session

While the above guidelines allow for multiple participation roles within the ICHPS program, note that a person cannot hold multiple roles within one session. In addition, the participation rules do not preclude individuals from being coauthors of as many papers as they wish or from organizing multiple sessions.

Only the co-chairs of ICHPS 2023 may grant exceptions. Sufficient justification must be submitted, and this submission does not guarantee an exception will be made.

Please contact Christina Link with questions or a request for an exception.

Key Dates