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October 8, 2021

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Ended 10/08/21
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“Help the ASA continue to grow and empower others through knowledge and data”

For more than 180 years, the ASA community has stood together to embrace opportunities and respond to crises facing the statistical community and society at large. We have learned from and are inspired by those who have come before us—continuing to grow and empower others through knowledge and data.

When you give to the ASA, you are helping to enhance statistics education at all levels, improve the public’s understanding of how to make better decisions based on reliable data, advocate for sound policy and governance, and cultivate the next generation of leaders in statistics and data science.

On Giving Day, celebrate this rich history by donating and sharing a message about who inspires you.


Listen for yourself!

Watch or listen to the special discussion series featuring ASA members sharing thoughts about issues they are passionate about and how the ASA is addressing them.

Hear Chris Franklin and Leticia Perez discuss the importance of investing in teacher resources.

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Hear Katherine Wallman discuss the importance of restoring trust and transparency to the federal statistical agencies with Denice and Joe Hotz.

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Hear Adrian Coles and Kimberly Sellers discuss their personal experiences and why they are passionate about creating a community that promotes justice, equity, and inclusion for all.

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Hear Regina Nuzzo and Nick Thieme discuss the importance of ensuring statistics are interpreted well and brought to the general public in a relevant and interesting way.

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