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November 1, 2019

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Ended 11/01/19
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Your gift on ASA Giving Day will help ensure a strong future for statistics and data science by supporting students, educators, and the next generation of leaders.


When you give to the ASA, you help support programs such as these:

ASA Leadership Challenge
Inaugural leadership challenge participants (from left): Khuzaima Hameed, Lin Dong, Eric Rose, Yeng Saanchi, Anna Nevius, Keltin Grimes, Evidence Matangi, and Hannah Weeks.

ASA Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge provides student and early-career members the opportunity to interact with current leaders in the association as well as hone 21st-century skills by working in teams to solve a real-life issue for the ASA.

Teams work with a mentor coach to come up with a solution to the issue. Members of each team attend the fall meeting of the ASA Board of Directors at the headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, where they present their solutions.

The Leadership Challenge not only benefits these young members, but also the ASA as a whole! In 2018, the board voted to adopt elements of each team’s solution to “recruit and retain students and early-career members of the ASA.”



Florence Nightingale Day

In collaboration with the Caucus for Women in Statistics, Florence Nightingale Day encourages middle- and high-school students and their teachers to discover the opportunities for careers in statistics and data science, do activities with data, and develop connections.

Current leaders of the ASA kick off the day with a livestreamed welcome and introduction. Then, participants at each site engage in activities tailored to the them based on their grade level. These activities can include undergraduate/graduate student panels, demonstrations, and other hands-on projects.


Florence Nightingale Day
Students discover the opportunities for careers in statistics and data science during Florence Nightingale Day.
Student and Early Career Travel Fund

ASA Student and Early-Career Travel Fund

The cost of attending ASA meetings and conferences can put them out of reach for many students and early-career professionals. This travel fund was created to provide much-needed support for these individuals so they can have access to valuable professional development and networking opportunities.



K–12 Statistical Ambassador

The statistical ambassador travels the country delivering hands-on training workshops to K–12 educators, advocates for better statistics education at conferences, helps set educational standards, and develops guidelines for teachers to use in their classrooms.


K–12 Statistical Ambassador
Christine Franklin, the ASA’s first K–12 statistical ambassador, visits a class in Georgia.
ASA DataFest
2019 University of Toronto ASA DataFest

ASA DataFest

This fun competition gives undergraduate students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with real-life data, builds confidence, and promotes teamwork—all qualities that are essential to professional success.

After two days of intense data wrangling and analysis, each team of students presents their findings to a panel of judges and is scored based on presentation, use of external data, and visual appeal.



These members give because...

David Morganstein

ASA is the voice of our profession. Our contributions go to programs that address the needs of our members and society when evidenced-based decision-making could not be more important!

– David Morganstein

Mary Kwasny

I give to ensure dues remain low for K-12 schools, students, and early-career statisticians so they can take advantage of the networking, mentoring, and ever-growing opportunities the ASA offers.

– Mary Kwasny

Francis C. Dane

I give to ASA because I value and enjoy statistics. Even more simply, I support the ASA because I want to make the world a better place.

– Francis C. Dane

Gerald Joireman

The ASA is a leader in developing the science of how to [use numbers correctly]. Giving to the organization is the way I can support that effort.

– Gerald Joireman