Online Program

Thursday, October 20
Thu, Oct 20, 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM
Salon 3
Taskforce on Women in R

Taskforce on Women in R (303353)

Di Cook, Monash University 
*Heike Hoffman, Iowa State University 

Keywords: computing, graphics, technology, data science, visualisation

Women make up about 10% of R package maintainers on CRAN. Until last year, there were no women on the R Foundation, now there are 2 of the 32 ordinary members. There are still no women in 19 strong R Core developers list. Late in 2015 the Task Force for Women in R was established with a goal to raise the level of female participation in the R community. The web site (still in development) will provide the most current information on developments. This talk will discuss the task force activities, and generally the experience of being a female programmer in the statistics community.