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82 Mon, 8/3/2020, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Virtual
Contributed Poster Presentations: Government Statistics Section — Contributed Poster Presentations
Government Statistics Section
1: National Education Data for the Public Good from the National Center for Education Statistics
Andrew White, National Center for Education Statistics/IES
2: Updating Demand Elasticities by Means of Administrative Records
Luis Frank, Universidad de Buenos Aires
3: Mapping and Querying Employment Discrimination Data: A First Look into Adding Visualizations to EEO-1 Survey
Jiashen You, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Justin West, U.S. EEOC
4: Confidence sequences for sampling without replacement
Ian Waudby-Smith, Carnegie Mellon University; Aaditya Ramdas, Carnegie Mellon University
5: Sample Size Selection in Continuation-Ratio Logit Mixed Effects Models
Andrew M. Raim, U.S. Census Bureau; Thomas Mathew, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Kimberly Sellers, Georgetown University
6: Boosting Sample Representation and Response Rate of an ABS Random Household Survey via Blending a Non-Random Approach: An Innovation to Reach the Hard-to-Reach
Urban Landreman, Hennepin County
8: Reporting Meaningful Results: One Statistical Agency’s Explorations
Marilyn Seastrom, NCES/IES/Dept. of ED
10: Dancing Distributions: Developing a Better Understanding of County-Level Crop Yield from Posterior Summaries
Nathan B. Cruze, NASS, USDA; Lu Chen, USDA; Bal Nandram, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Noemi Guindin, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
11: Prevalence of Prescription Opioid and Illicit Drug Use Among US Adult Workers and by Occupational Groups: NHANES 2005-2016
JA GU, CDC/NIOSH - Morgantown, WV; Penelope Allison, CDC/NIOSH; Sara Luckhaupt, CDC/NIOSH; Alexis Grimes Trotter, CDC/NIOSH; Desta Fekedulegn, CDC/NIOSH; Claudia Ma, CDC/NIOSH; John Violanti, University of Buffalo; Michael E Andrew, CDC/NIOSH; Luenda Charles, CDC/NIOSH
12: “Implications of Changes in Surveillance Systems and Their Populations at Risk”
13: Generating Fully-Synthetic Discrete Data
Sixia Chen, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; Allshine Chen, University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center; Daniel Zhao , University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
14: Predicting Future OS Behavior Using Bayesian Posterior Predictive Distributions
Pourab Roy, US Food and Drug Administration
15: The Pattern of Calibrated Estimates for Demographic and Health Variables in Probability-Based Web Surveys, a Case Study
Bill Cai, National Center for Health Statistics; Katherine Irimata, National Center for Health Statistics; Hee-Choon Shin, National Center for Health Statistics
16: A Novel Sampling Methodology for Risk Management Agency’s Improper Payment Rate Survey
Franklin Duan, USDA NASS MD; Timothy Keller, University of Missouri-St. Louis; Peter Quan, NASS, USDA