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547 Wed, 8/7/2013, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-220bc
Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Biopharmaceutical Section — Contributed Poster Presentations
Biopharmaceutical Section
Chair(s): Joyee Ghosh, The University of Iowa
1: Pairwise-False Discovery Rate Control Using Pairwise Weights Bhramori Banerjee, Merck ; Sanat K. Sarkar, Temple University
2: The Distribution of the Difference of Two Proportions: An Application of Sample Size Calculations Using Bayesian Approach Mohammad Sahtout ; Wijith Munasinghe, AbbVie
3: Latent Class Analysis for Asthma Patient Outcome Measures Wen-Ling Kuo, Merck ; Davis Gates, Merck and Co. ; Ruji Yao, Merck
4: Practical Options for the Detection and Management of Sample Data Outliers Alfred Barron, Janssen Research & Development
5: Statistical Methodology to Develop Robust Dengue qRT-PCR Assays Lingyi Zheng, GCI, Sanofi Pasteur ; Linda Starr-Spires, GCI, Sanofi Pasteur
6: Point Estimation with Quantal Response Data: Parametric Bootstrap Estimator Beats the Corresponding MLE Amy Schrader, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ; Ishwori Dhakal, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ; Reid D. D. Landes, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
7: Recent Developments in Scaled Average Bioequivalence Pascal Guibord, Algorithme Pharma
8: Tipping Point Analyses: A Case Study Teresa Norris, PPD ; Graham Carron, PPD
9: Area Under the Curve (AUC) Approach Using Last Observation Carried Forward (LOCF) vs. Mixed-Effects Model Repeated Measures (MMRM) in Analyzing Longitudinal Count Data Rakhi Kilaru, PPD
10: Impact of Ignoring Correlations in Vision Clinical Trials Ratna Revankar, Johnson & Johnson ; Gary Koch, The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill ; Atsushi Kawaguchi, The University of North Carolina
11: In-House vs. Out-Source: Operational Models for Data-Monitoring Committees Denka Markova, Axio Research Inc. ; William Coar, Axio Research ; Lynn Navale, Amgen
12: Calibration Problems with Panel Data Applied to Alzheimer's Disease Biomarkers Huanli Wang, University of California, Davis ; Danielle Harvey, UC Davis ; Laurel Beckett, UC Davis
13: Effects of Randomization Methods on Hypotheses Tests in Some Clinical Trials Shaocheng Liu, MTDA ; June Li, MTDA
14: Assessing the Cumulative Exposure Response in Alzheimer's Disease Studies Jianing Di, Janssen R&D, LLC ; Xin Zhao, Janssen R&D, LLC ; Daniel Wang, Janssen R&D, LLC ; Ming Lu, Janssen R&D, LLC ; Michael Krams, Janssen R&D, LLC
15: Retrospective Assessment of Noninferiority in Rare Disease of Guillian-Barre Syndrome Chunqin Deng, Grifols Inc. ; Junliang Chen, Grifols Inc. ; Kim Hanna, Grifols Inc.
16: Assessing the Actual Treatment Benefit with Non-Adherence to Study Drug in a Large Randomized Trial Lulu R Sterling, Amgen Inc. ; Yumi Kubo, Amgen Inc.
17: Analysis of Two-Period Crossover Design with Binary Response Data — James Lee, Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Development ; John D.S. Hwang, B.R.S.I. ; Chyi-Hung Hsu, Janssen Research & Development
18: Meta-Analysis for All-Cause Death for Apixaban vs. Placebo or Control in SPAF Trials Li Wang, Bristol Myers Squibb ; Weihua Tang, Bristol Myers Squibb
19: Meta-Analysis of Stem Cell Therapy on Stroke in Pre-Clinical Studies Qing Wu, Mayo Clinic ; Bart Demaerschalk, Mayo Clinic ; Kay Wellik, Mayo Clinic ; Wenchun Qu, Mayo Clinic
21: A Proposed Modification to Hy's Law and Edish Criteria: Using Aggregated Historical Data of Oncology Clinical Trials/ Generally Healthy Patients' Data Daniel Parks, GlaxoSmithKline ; Xiwu Lin, GSK ; Kwan Lee, GSK
22: Probability of Monoclonality Aili Cheng, GlaxoSmithKline
23: Bayesian Analysis for Noninferiority Trial Shu-Chih Su, Merck Research Laboratories ; G. Frank Liu, Merck Res Labs
24: Revisit Sample Size Estimation in Phase II Selection Designs Zuoshun Zhang, Celgene Corporation ; Angela Hu, Celgene Corporation
25: Statistical Quantification of Drug-Related Arrhythmia Kai-Fen Wang, GlaxoSmithKline ; Paul McAllister, GlaxoSmithKline ; Eric Rossman, GlaxoSmithKline
26: Evaluation of Drug Interaction in Combination Therapy: Which Statistical Methods Should Be Applied? Qin Liu, The Wistar Institute ; Xiangfan Yin, The Wistar Institute
27: Simulation of Safety Data for Clinical Trials Scott Diegel, University of Wisconsin ; John Kloke, University of Wisconsin ; Neil Baron, University of Wisconsin

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