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529 Wed, 8/3/2011, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Hall D
Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Social Statistics Section — Contributed Poster Presentations
Social Statistics Section
Chair(s): Benmei Liu, National Cancer Institute
45: Bullying at School and Cyber-Bullying Anywhere: The Current State and Changes Over Time Simone Anke Robers, American Institutes for Research
46: Methods for Estimating Selected Life Table Parameters Using the Gompertz Distribution Peter Pflaumer, Technical University of Dortmund
47: Improving Use of the 3-Parameter Logistic (3-Pl) Model in Item Response Theory Applications Jerry L. Gorham, Pearson, Inc.
48: Writing Errors from Speakers of African-American English, Speakers of ESL, and Speakers of Standard American English: Which Annoys Raters More? Lewis VanBrackle, Kennesaw State University ; David Johnson, Kennesaw State University
49: New, Testable, Definitions of Reliability and Measurement Error — Futoshi Yumoto, American Institutes for Research ; Rochelle Elaine Tractenberg, Georgetown University Medical Center
50: Enumeration or Analysis: Statistical Thinking and Scientific Reasoning in Applied Personnel Research Zhi Gang Wang, Department of National Defence
51: Meta-Analysis of Multivariate Outcomes: A Monte Carlo Comparison of Alternative Strategies Corina M. Owens, University of South Florida ; Jeffrey Kromrey, University of South Florida ; Julie Gloudemans, University of South Florida
53: Evaluation of Alternative Propensity Score-Based Causal Inference Approaches Bing Yu, University of Toronto ; Guanglei Hong, The University of Chicago
54: Estimating the Benefits of the HOME Line Tenant Hotline Craig A. Rolling, University of Minnesota
56: Data Sparseness and Multilevel Models: The Impact of Small Cluster Size on Point and Interval Estimates in Two-Level Logistic Models Bethany Ann Bell, University of South Carolina ; Jason Schoeneberger, University of South Carolina ; Jeffrey Kromrey, University of South Florida ; John Ferron, University of South Florida
57: Sexual Behavior: A Multivariate Analysis of Forced Threatened Sex Among College Students Leona L. Ding, Social and Economic Sciences Research Center ; Danna Moore, Washington State University
58: Ordinal Models for Student Evaluation Data Natalie Blades, Brigham Young University
59: Interpeting Adjusted Means In Analysis Of Covariance Dan Mundfrom, New Mexico State University ; Dennis Clason, New Mexico State University

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