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* ! Graphical Methods for Categorical Data
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
2:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Room: H-Beekman Parlor
ENAR, Section on Statistical Graphics* Topic Contributed
Organizer: Heike Hofmann, Iowa State University
Chair: Michael Friendly, York University
Floor Discussion 3:20 PM

Categorical Data appear in all areas of data analysis and analytic approaches are reasonably well developed. Data as well as results are usually presented in the form of tables. This, in most application areas, is just not enough. Graphical methods for categorical variables have been vastly improved during the last few years. Speakers from very different areas---Biostatistics, Spatial Statistics and Data Mining---will present data and discuss their methods to "look at" the data.
  301247  By:  Michael  Ganz 2:05 PM 08/12/2002
Ad-hoc Methods for Visualizing Data in Proteomics

  301519  By:  Ozlem  Ilk 2:20 PM 08/12/2002
Exploring Mean Structure in Longitudinal Data with Graphics: Linked Brushing Approach

  301448  By:  Simon  Urbanek 2:35 PM 08/12/2002
Exploring Statistical Forests

  301171  By:  Martin  Theus 2:50 PM 08/12/2002
Selecting Among Categories

  301783  By:  Dianne  Cook 3:05 PM 08/12/2002
A Projection Pursuit Method on the Multidimensional Squared Contingency Table

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