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Roundtable Tips

The following are guidelines for roundtable leaders that will help ensure a successful session.

Prior to the Roundtable:

  • Develop 3–4 key questions to prepare for a lively and focused discussion.
  • Print handouts of the questions for the attendants.

During the Roundtable:

  • Arrive at the table five minutes prior to the starting time.
  • Distribute questions and handouts.
  • Encourage participants to introduce themselves at the beginning: background and motivation for participating in the discussion. (Tip: Ask if anyone has specific questions to be asked at the beginning, so they can be included with the pre-planned questions.)
  • Encourage active participation from everyone.
  • Allow reasonable time for each planned question.

At the Conclusion of the Roundtable:

  • Briefly summarize the discussion and thank all participants.

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