Second International Conference on Telephone Survey Methodology

In 1987, the 1st International Conference on Telephone Survey Methodology was held in Charlotte, NC. The conference generated a widely read book on telephone survey methodology (Groves, Biemer, Lyberg, Massey, Nicholls and Waskberg, 1989). Although that book continues to be a standard reference for many professionals, the rapid changes in telecommunications and in telephone survey methodology over the past 15 years make the volume increasingly dated. Considerable research has occurred since 1987, including myriad advances in random telephone sampling, often in response to changes in the telecommunications system.

The goal of this second conference will be to bring together survey researchers and practitioners concerned with telephone survey methodology and practice in order to stimulate research papers that (1) contribute to the science of measuring and/or reducing errors attributable to weaknesses in telephone survey design, (2) provide documentation of current practices, and (3) stimulate new ideas for further research and development. Other topics are included in the list of substantive areas.

This website will be used throughout the planning stages and will provide information to participants and attendees. Please refer to these key dates.

A monograph that presents state-of-the-art research and practices related to telephone survey methodology will be prepared based on papers presented at the conference. Please see the listing of monograph chapters. The edited monograph is expected to be published by Wiley.

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