General Information

ASA Conference on Radiation and Health
June 15-18, 2008
Vail, Colorado

The 2008 Conference is the eighteenth in the series of the ASA Conferences on Radiation and Health. During its history, the Conference has focused on such diverse topics as: Radiation in Realistic Environments: Interactions Between Radiation and Other Factors, Radiation Health Effects at Low Doses, Epidemiological Methods in Ionizing Radiation, Environmental Sampling and Analysis of Sampling Data, Analysis and Assessment of Ionizing Radiation from Scientific and Statistical Perspectives, Health Effects of Electric and Magnetic Fields, Ionizing Radiation Risk, Radiation Risks and Interactions, Dosimeter and Risk Assessment, Radiation Risk Assessment and Statistical Methodology, Mechanisms, Temporal Factors and Radiation Effects, Current Issues in Radiation and Health. The Conference offers a unique forum for discussing thematic advances in radiation health research in a multi-disciplinary setting. The Conference also furnishes investigators in health related disciplines the opportunity to learn about new quantitative approaches to their research questions and offers statisticians the opportunity to learn about new applications for their discipline