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E-Poster Presentation Tips

Electronic poster (e-poster) presentations are similar to traditional poster presentations, but presented on a large computer screen. The ASA uses 42" LCD displays in the landscape position. Each e-poster presenter will be provided with a display screen and laptop for the poster session.

A well-constructed poster is self-explanatory, achieving both coverage and clarity. Your e-poster can consist of multiple slides or just one. Use the tips below as guidelines for formatting and making the most of this presentation. Save your poster to a USB key (thumb) drive and bring it with you the day of your presentation. Also, don't forget your business cards!

Formatting Tips

For single-slide e-posters:

For multiple-slide e-posters:

Content Tips

Coverage: In addition to title/author and abstract, most successful posters provide brief statements of introduction, method, subjects, procedure, results, and conclusions. Ask yourself the following:

Clarity: People attending a poster session are free to move about from poster to poster and often must view a poster from a distance, making it difficult to read excessive text and small fonts. With this in mind, we recommend you do the following:

Online Resources

The following sites may provide other useful templates and tips for preparing your e-poster. Be sure to adjust any template by using the formatting tips provided above for the best display on the ASA's monitors.