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Welcome to the 2016 International Conference on Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation, and Testing (QDET2).

QDET2 will provide a creative environment for researchers from across the world working in government, academia, and the private sector to share new solutions and fresh approaches to survey measurement, questionnaire design, and evaluation. The conference builds on the resounding success of the first QDET, held in 2002, and will be the first international conference in more than a decade devoted to both the design of survey questionnaires and the methods used for their development, evaluation, and testing.

Interested in learning more about the initial Questionnaire Development, Evaluation, and Testing Methods (QDET) Conference? Read the official QDET report by conference chair Jennifer M. Rothgeb. Other important resources from 2002 include the QDET book and a special issue of the Journal of Official Statistics.

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