Saturday, November 12
Questionnaire Design
Sat, Nov 12, 4:00 PM - 5:25 PM
Hibiscus B
Challenges in Measurement

Measures of Sleep: Methodologies, Potential Measurement Error, and New Measurement Techniques (303606)

Ana Baylin, University of Michigan 
*Heidi Guyer, University of Michigan 

Keywords: sleep, measurement, self-report

Short duration and poor quality sleep are associated with the onset and progression of many chronic diseases and affects cognitive, physical and emotional health as well. With the rate of sleep disorders on the rise at all stages of the life course, the implications of poor quality sleep are increasingly important. While many medical studies have focused on sleep apnea, nonapnea related poor quality sleep is of importance as well. Given the increased risk associated with poor quality sleep, accurate measurement is important. Various methodologies and question formats have been utilized to measure duration, efficiency and quality of sleep in survey research. This presentation will provide an overview of sleep measurement methodologies including question wording, cross-cultural prevalence rates of poor quality sleep, validation results and novel techniques in measuring the duration and quality of sleep. New technologies offer novel means of collecting additional data and may provide a means of validating survey responses as well. Mode and ease of administration of various measurement options, as well as associated costs, will be presented.