Saturday, November 12
Sat, Nov 12, 10:30 AM - 10:55 AM
Promenade Upper
Saturday Poster Session, Part 1

Broad Empathetic Allocation Over Commendables, Hindrances, and Effort Direction (BEACHED) (303535)

*Frank Joseph Matejcik, South Dakota School of Mines 

Keywords: Response Burden, Pareto, list, empathy

Broad Empathetic Allocation over Commendables, Hindrances, and Effort Direction (BEACHED) is a questionnaire design scheme which asks few questions over an (often structured) list describing characteristics of a studied object. BEACHED designs differ radically from Likert scale questionnaires, so the they could be used when common questionnaire designs struggle for approval (like beached marine life). Also, BEACHED designs have the respondent act in an advisory role rather than a judgmental role, which may appeal to some communities. A structured list could be a obtained by constructing a Fishbone diagram or obtained by converting a previous questionnaire. Since the questions are over the list, the scheme is broad. The questions are structured such that the respondent is advising the decision maker, which allows the respondent to be empathetic. This empathy may affect the response burden. Background information about the staff may enhance the empathy. The questions involve allocation over the list. The items of the lists that are appealing are called commendables. The items of the list that are problems are called hindrances. The respondent finally is asked questions about emphasis direction of future plans with regard to commendables, hindrances, and unperceived items. The unperceived items include internal procedures, organization, and technology decisions. All the responses and their summaries can be displayed like common Pareto charts. Further, Pareto charts over commendables, hindrances, and may be combined in new arrow plots.

Further information about BEACHED now including an BEACHED Overview and an R code for critical values for hypothesis tests are available at