Friday, November 11
Questionnaire Design
Fri, Nov 11, 10:30 AM - 11:55 AM
Hibiscus A
Questionnaire Design for Sensitive Topics and Confidentiality

Designing Questionnaire to Gauge Public Opinion in Kuwait (303531)

*Fahimah A Alawadhi, Kuwait University 

Keywords: design questionnaire, sensitive topics, statistical tools, pretest methods

In this study, we perform a local referendum to gauge public opinion in Kuwait with regards to the current political and social circumstances and with the rapid sequencers and sustained changes in the formation of the government, as well as changes in deputies in the national assembly which does not give enough room to make achievements and build the country's infrastructure. Here, in this study we would like to gauge public opinion about the Kuwaiti recent political events and the impact on their confidence in their government and their outlook for the future of Kuwait and the impact of public opinion on these opinions.

In this talk, we will define our population, sample, and sampling technique used to collect the sample; how we design our questionnaire for practice cause our topics are very sensitive; understanding interviewer-respondent interaction; the pretest methods used to develop standardized survey questions; combining manual and web probing: considerations, uses, and practices; and statistical tools used to evaluate the results and analyze the output.