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74 Sun, 8/7/2022, 8:30 PM - 9:25 PM CC-Hall D
Invited E-Poster Session I — Invited Poster Presentations
Chair(s): Gyuhyeong Goh, Kansas State University
01: Using Persistent Homology Topological Features to Characterize Medical Images
Chul Moon, Southern Methodist University; Qiwei Li, The University of Texas at Dallas; Guanghua Xiao, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
02: Scalable DNA-Protein Binding Changer Test for Insertion and Deletion of Bases in the Genome
Sunyoung Shin, University of Texas at Dallas; Chandler Zuo, University of Texas at Dallas; Min Chen, University of Texas at Dallas; Yuannyu Zhang, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; Jian Xu, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; Qinyi Zhou, University of Texas at Dallas
03: Nonparametric Bayesian Variable Selection for Gene-Environment Interactions in Genome-Wide Association Studies
Xiaoxi Li, Kansas State University; cen wu, Kansas State University
04: A Bayesian Approach for Integrating External Data in Clinical Trials Using Overlap Prior
Yanxun Xu, Johns Hopkins University
05: Spatially Adaptive False Discovery Rate Thresholding for Sparse Estimation
Gourab Mukherjee, University of Southern California; Wen Sun, Zhejiang University; Jiajun Luo, Linkedin
06: Root and Community Inference on Preferential Attachment Model of Networks
Min Xu, Rutgers University; Harry Crane, Rutgers University
07: Confidence Bands for Survival Function Under Stratified Sampling
Takumi Saegusa, University of Maryland
08: Q-Learning with Functional Imaging Features
Xinyi Li, Clemson University; Michael Kosorok, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
09: Posterior Collapse and Latent Variable Non-Identifiability
Yixin Wang, University of Michigan
10: Simultaneous Detection of Signal Regions Using Quadratic Scan Statistics with Applications to Whole Genome Association Studies
Zilin Li, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Yaowu Liu, School of Statistics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics; Xihong Lin, Harvard University
11: Bayesian Estimation and Variable Selection in Multivariate Generalized Linear Models
Ray Bai, University of South Carolina; Hsin-Hsiung Huang, University of Central Florida; Shao-Hsuan Wang, National Central University
12: An Applied Perspective on Sampling from the Posterior-Predictive Distribution in Real Time
Taylor Brown, University of Virginia
13: Functional Connectivity of Backbone Structure of Brain Organization in Cognitive Aging Using Weight Sets of Persistent Homology
Hyunnam Ryu, Columbia University; Christian Habeck, Columbia University Medical Center; Yaakov Stern, Columbia University Medical Center; seonjoo lee, columbia university/NYSPI
14: Flexible Hawkes Process Models for Earthquake Occurrence
Junhyeon Kwon, University of Houston; Mikyoung Jun, University of Houston
15: Pathfinder: Parallel Quasi-Newton Variational Inference
Lu Zhang, Columbia University; Bob Carpenter, Flatiron Institute; Aki Vehtari, Aalto University; Andrew Gelman, Columbia University
16: Feature Extraction Performance of the GD Prior in High-Dimensional Spatiotemporal Data
Garrett Frady, University of Connecticut; Dipak K Dey, University of Connecticut
17: Shrinkage on Simplex: Quantifying Sparsity and Dependence in Compositional Data with a Bayesian Framework
Jyotishka Datta, Virginia Tech; Matthew J. Heiner, Brigham Young University ; David Dunson, Duke University; Otso Ovaskainen, University of Helsinki
18: Classification of High-Dimensional Electroencephalography Data with Location Selection Using Structured Spike-and-Slab Prior
Shariq Mohammed, Boston University; Dipak K Dey, University of Connecticut; Yuping Zhang, University of Connecticut
19: Sparse Hamiltonian Flows (Or: Bayesian Coresets Without All the Fuss)
Trevor Campbell, UBC; Naitong Chen, University of British Columbia; Zuheng Xu, University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC
20: Consistent and Scalable Bayesian Joint Variable and Graph Selection for Disease Diagnosis Leveraging Functional Brain Network
Xuan Cao, University of Cincinnati; Kyoungjae Lee, Sungkyunkwan University