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322 Wed, 8/11/2021, 3:30 PM - 5:20 PM Virtual
Analyses in Ecology, Epidemiology, and Environmental Policy — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistics and the Environment
Chair(s): Joshua French, University of Colorado Denver
3:35 PM Modeling Prescribed Fire Behavior Following Various Disturbance Regimes in a Mixed Hardwood-Pine Forest
John A Craycroft, None currently; Callie Jo Schweitzer, United States Forest Service
3:40 PM Constrained Functional Regression of National Forest Inventory Data Over Time Using Remote Sensing Observations
Avishek Chakraborty, University of Arkansas; Giovanni Petris, University of Arkansas; Md Kamrul Hasan Khan, University of Arkansas; Barry T Wilson, Northern Research Station, USDA Forest Service
3:45 PM Hierarchical Dirichlet Regression Model to Benthic Cover Abrolhos Bank
Pamela M. Massiel Chiroque-Solano, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
3:50 PM Simulated Stromatolites: Are Martian Fossils Likely to Be Found?
Harlan McCaffery, University of Michigan; Chi Chang, Michigan State University
3:55 PM Zero-Inflated Beta Distribution Regression Modeling
Becky Tang, Duke University; Alan E Gelfand, Duke University; Henry Frye, University of Connecticut; John Silander, University of Connecticut
4:00 PM Time Series Analysis of Continuous GPS Measurements Prior to a Volcanic Eruption: An Example of the Whakaari Volcano in New Zealand
KATERINA TSAKIRI, Rider University; ANTONIOS MARSELLOS, Hofstra University
4:05 PM Modeling Complex Dependence Structures at Multiple Scales Using Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models
Evan Sidrow, The University of British Columbia; Nancy Heckman, The University of British Columbia; Sarah ME Fortune, University of British Columbia; Andrew W Trites, University of British Columbia; Ian Murphy, University of British Columbia; Marie Auger-Methe, The University of British Columbia
4:10 PM Autocart: Spatially Aware Regression Trees for Ecological and Spatial Modeling
Ethan Ancell, Utah State University; Brennan Bean, Utah State University
4:15 PM Extracting Environmental and Climate Signals in Coastal Ecosystem Data with Two-Stage Multivariate Dynamic Linear Models
Jacob Peter Strock, University of Rhode Island; Gavino Puggioni, University of Rhode Island; Susanne Peter Menden-Deuer, University of Rhode Island
4:20 PM Using Public Environmental Data to Inspire Alabama Citizens to Consumer Climate Action
Robert L Norton,
4:30 PM Urban Natural Gas Leaks: An Environmental Justice Concern?
Seongwon Im, Colorado State University; Joseph von Fischer, Colorado State University; Zachary Weller, Colorado State University
4:40 PM Comparing the Use and Implications of Stationary Confidence Limits to Weighted Bootstrap and Bayesian Credible Intervals in Environmental Monitoring Applications
Marie-Agnes S. Tellier, Trihydro Corporation; Timothy J. Robinson, University of Wyoming
4:45 PM Incorporating Mixed Spatio-Temporal Data into EHR Analyses: Studying Environmental Impacts on Asthma Exacerbation in Children
Brooke Alhanti, Duke University; Benjamin A Goldstein, Duke University ; Congwen Zhao, Duke University; Jillian Hurst, Duke University; Jason Lang, Duke University
4:50 PM Predicting the Risk of Pathogen Introductions from Disease Surveillance Data
Nelson Walker, Kansas State University, Department of Statistics; Trevor Hefley, Kansas State University, Department of Statistics; Daniel Walsh, U.S. Geological Survey - National Wildlife Health Center; Ian McGahan, University of Wisconsin, Department of Statistics; Daniel Storm, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Daniel Skinner, Illinois Department of Natural Resources
4:55 PM Assessing the Potential of Camera Traps in Monitoring Wild Boar Occupancy Trends in Infected and Noninfected Zones, Using Spatio-temporal Statistical Models
Martijn Bollen, UHasselt - Research Institute for Nature and Forest; Natalie Beenaerts, UHasselt; Thomas Neyens, UHasselt - KU Leuven; Jim Casaer, Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO); Maxime Fajgenblat, KU Leuven; Valérie De Waele, Service public de Wallonie; Alain Licoppe, Service public de Wallonie; Benoît Manet, Public Service of Wallonia
5:00 PM The Effects of COVID-19 on Air Quality in Boston, MA
Alicia T. Lamere, Bryant University; Dan McNally, Bryant University
5:05 PM Predicting a Spatiotemporal Exposure Surface with Penalized Regression
Nathan Ryder, Colorado State University; Joshua Keller, Colorado State University
5:10 PM Floor Discussion