JSM Is ... One of the Largest Statistical Events in the World

More than 6,500 attendees from 52 countries
600+ sessions, including invited, topic-contributed, contributed, and poster
More than 1,000 student attendees
75+ employers hiring for more than 200 positions
100+ exhibitors
More than 40 Professional Development short courses and workshops

It is also one of the broadest, with topics ranging from statistical applications to methodology and theory to the expanding boundaries of statistics, such as analytics and data science.

JSM also offers a unique opportunity for statisticians in academia, industry, and government to exchange ideas and explore opportunities for collaboration. Beginning statisticians (including students) can learn from and interact with senior members of the profession.

Submit an Invited Session Proposal

Opens: July 16, 2020
Closes: September 8, 2020
Decision Due: October 9, 2020

Participation Limitations

To submit an invited session proposal, you will need the following:

  1. Session Type (Invited)
  2. Session Subtype (Paper or Panel)
  3. Sponsor (Outside Organization, ASA Committee, ASA Section, Sponsoring Society, ASA Journal). A pull-down screen with a pre-approved list is provided; select no more than three.
  4. Session Title
  5. Session Description. Please provide any of the following information:
    • Short description of session, including focus, content, timeliness, and appeal
    • List of invited speakers/panelists, including affiliations and email addresses for each and tentative title for each presentation
    • Format of session (e.g., chair, three speakers, and discussant)
  6. Session organizer, including affiliation and email address
  7. Session chair, including affiliation and email address
  8. Discussant (if any), including affiliation and email address

Submitted proposals will be available for editing July 16–September 8, 2020 (11:59 p.m. ET). To edit a session, you will need the confirmation number and password.


Submit a CE Proposal

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2020

JSM Continuing Education courses fulfill the following class descriptions:

An in-depth presentation of a specific area of statistical theory, methodology, or application. The material covered may focus on “cutting edge” methods or other more established topics.

A broad overview of an established area of statistical theory or methodology suitable either as a refresher “course” or as an introduction to the field.

A description of a statistical method and its application using one or more software tools, as long as there is significant content material described in the proposal.

Who Should Propose a CE Course?

  • The author of a new book about novel and widely interesting material
  • An industrial statistician who wants to discuss new methods of dealing with applied problems
  • An expert in a specific, but well-populated, field

Why Make a CE Presentation?

  • To share your expertise in reviewing and summarizing fundamental topics in statistics
  • To present state-of-the-art techniques used by data analysts and practicing statisticians
  • To encourage innovative ideas in data analysis and new theoretical developments
  • To promote growth in specialized areas of statistics and related fields
  • To serve as a vehicle for informing the statistical profession about related tools that enhance productivity and efficiency

During the CE course submission process, you will be asked to supply the following:

  • Title of course
  • Name and contact information for each instructor in order of presentation
  • If more than one presenter, who will serve as contact person
  • Course length
  • Course co-sponsorship information, if any
  • Course abstract (200 words maximum)
  • Course outline
  • Course learning objectives
  • Paragraph on presenter(s) background
  • Audio visual equipment requirements (Also indicate if you will require attendees to bring their laptop to the course. This requires installation of additional power outlets in the room)

Please review the Course Proposal Guide before beginning the online submission process.

For course abstract, outline, learning objectives, and presenter(s) background, it is recommended that this information be cut and pasted into the online submission form.


Submit a CTW Proposal

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2021

Vendors who wish to present educational materials in a classroom setting to support their computing packages are encouraged to participate in the Computer Technology Workshop (CTW) program.

Through the CTW program, you have the opportunity to present the theoretical basis and/or an appropriate review of detailed applications of your products, especially those aspects considered new or novel.

By using the CTW program, you are ensured an audience that is genuinely interested in the presentation topic—an audience that is not distracted by the traffic of the EXPO.

Please review the Computer Technology Workshop Proposal Guide before beginning the online submission process.

During the CTW submission process, you will be asked to supply the following:

  • Vendor
  • Vendor contact information
  • Presenter(s) contact information
  • Presentation title
  • Presentation abstract (200 words maximum)



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