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89 Mon, 8/9/2021, 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM Virtual
Nonparametric Methods for Modern Data — Contributed Speed
Section on Nonparametric Statistics
Chair(s): Zhenhua Lin, National University of Singapore
10:05 AM WITHDRAWN: Estimating the Effect of Increasing the PF Ratio on Survival in ICU Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress: A Clinical Application of Longitudinal Modified Treatment Policies
Katherine Hoffman, Weill Cornell Medicine; Nicholas Williams, Weill Cornell Medicine; Ivan Diaz, Weill Cornell Medical College
10:10 AM Evaluating the Dynamic Association Between Bivariate Binary Variables in Longitudinal Studies
Zhuangzhuang Liu, University of Iowa; Hyunkeun (Ryan) Cho, University of Iowa
10:15 AM Functional Data Analysis for Longitudinal Data with Informative Observations
Caleb Weaver, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University; Luo Xiao, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University; Wenbin Lu, North Carolina State University
10:20 AM Statistical Inference for Mean Function of Longitudinal Imaging Data Over Complicated Domains
Jie Li, Center for Statistical Science, Tsinghua University; Qirui Hu, Tsinghua University
10:25 AM Sparse Contrast Test for Groups of Functional Data with Application to In-Session Hemodialysis Monitoring
Quyen Do, Virginia Tech; Pang Du, Virginia Tech
10:30 AM Robust Joint Modeling of Paired Sparse Functional Data
Huiya Zhou, Texas A&M University
10:35 AM Robust FPCA via Functional Pairwise Spatial Sign Robust Functional Principal Component Analysis via a Functional Pairwise Spatial Sign Operator
Guangxing Wang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Chongzhi Di, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Fang Han, University of Washington; Sisheng Liu, Kuaishou technology
10:40 AM Variograms for Spatial Functional Data with Phase Variation
Xiaohan Guo, Department of Statistics, The Ohio State Univerisuty; Sebastian Kurtek, The Ohio State University; Karthik Bharath, University of Nottingham
10:45 AM Time-Warping for Metric Space-Valued Random Processes
Yaqing Chen , University of California, Davis ; Hans-Georg Müller, University of California, Davis
10:50 AM Temporal-Dependent Principal Component Analysis of Two-Dimensional Functional Data
Kejun He, Renmin University of China; Shirun Shen, Texas A&M University; Lan Zhou, Texas A&M University
11:00 AM Fréchet Single Index Models for the Regression of Random Objects on Euclidean Predictors
Aritra Ghosal, UC Santa Barbara; Alexander Petersen, Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, UC Santa Barbara; Wendy Meiring, UCSB
11:05 AM Autoregressive Optimal Transport Models
Changbo Zhu, University of California, Davis; Hans-Georg Müller, University of California, Davis
11:10 AM Wasserstein Autoregressive Models for Density Time Series
Chao Zhang, University of California, Santa Barbara; Piotr Kokoszka, Colorado State University ; Alexander Petersen, Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, UC Santa Barbara
11:15 AM Statistical Inference for ARMA Time Series via Moving Average Trend
Zening Song, Tsinghua University; Lijian Yang, Tsinghua University
11:20 AM Sequentially Comparing Forecasters
Yo Joong Choe, Carnegie Mellon University; Aaditya K Ramdas, Carnegie Mellon University
11:25 AM Lag Autocorrelation and Recursive Prediction from Accelerometer Data
Drew Lazar, Ball State University
11:30 AM A General and Optimal Difference-Based Method for Variance Estimation in Time Series
Kin Wai Chan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
11:35 AM A Generally Weighted Moving Average Exceedance Chart
Niladri Chakraborty, University of the Free State; Schalk Human, University of Pretoria; Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, McMaster University
11:40 AM Optimal Difference-Based Variance Change Point Detection on Mean-Nonstationary Time Series
Kin Wai Chan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Cheuk Wai Dominic Leung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
11:45 AM Dating the Break in High-Dimensional Data
Runmin Wang, Southern Methodist University; Xiaofeng Shao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign