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210 Tue, 8/10/2021, 1:30 PM - 3:20 PM Virtual
SLDS CSpeed 3 — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science
Chair(s): Trinetri Ghosh, Pennsylvania State University
1:35 PM Facial Homophily in Human Social Networks
Eric Justin Liu, Yale University; Marcus Alexander, Yale University; Derek Feng, Yale University; Nicholas A Christakis, Yale University
1:40 PM Phase Transitions in Network Global Testing
Louis Vincent Cammarata, Harvard University Statistics Department; Tracy Ke, Harvard University
1:45 PM Semiparametric Estimation for Dynamic Network Models with Shifted Connecting Intensities
Zitong Zhang, University of California, Davis; Shizhe Chen, University of California, Davis
1:50 PM On Modularity Asymptotics in Large Structured Networks
Anirban Mitra, University of Pittsburgh; Joshua Cape, University of Pittsburgh; Satish Iyengar, University of Pittsburgh
1:55 PM Community Formation and Detection on OSS Collaboration Networks
Behnaz Moradi-Jamei, University of Virginia; Brandon L. Kramer, University of Virginia; J. Bayoán Santiago Calderón, University of Virginia; Gizem Korkmaz, University of Virginia
2:00 PM On the Asymptotics of Temporal Motif Estimation via Sampling
Xiaojing Zhu, Boston University; Eric Kolaczyk, Boston University
2:05 PM Identifying the Neurocognitive Difference Between Two Groups Using Supervised Learning
Ramchandra Rimal, Middle Tennessee State University
2:10 PM A Sparse Beta Model with Covariates for Networks
Stefan Stein, University of Warwick; Chenlei Leng, University of Warwick
2:15 PM Graph Matching Between Bipartite and Unipartite Networks: To Collapse or Not to Collapse, That Is the Question
Jesus Arroyo Relión, Texas A&M University, Department of Statitics; Carey E Priebe, Johns Hopkins University; Vince Lyzinski, University of Maryland
2:20 PM A Deterministic Filtering for Convolution with Multiple Resolution Modeling
Haiyan Yu, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications; Ching-chi Yang, University of Memphis
2:30 PM Feature Selection Using a Metaheuristic Method
Myung Soon Song, Kuztown University of Pennsylvania; Francis J Vasko, Kuztown University of Pennsylvania; Yun Lu, Kuztown University of Pennsylvania; Kyle Callaghan, Kuztown University of Pennsylvania
2:35 PM Defining Opioid Prescribing Behaviors
Christopher Teixeira, The MITRE Corporation; Jennifer Burrowes, The MITRE Corporation
2:45 PM Extension of Rough Set Based on Positive Transitive Relation
Min Shu, University of Wisconsin Stout; Wei Zhu, Stony Brook University
2:50 PM Conditional Inference: Toward a Hierarchy of Statistical Evidence
Ying Jin, Stanford University; Dominik Rothenhausler, Stanford University
2:55 PM Statistical Learning for AI-Assisted Diagnosis
Henry Horng-Shing Lu, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
3:00 PM Performance of Parametric Versus Machine Learning Methods for Estimating Propensity Score with Multilevel Data: A Monte Carlo Study
Tianyang Zhang, Teachers College, Columbia University; Bryan Keller, Teachers College, Columbia University