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413 Thu, 8/12/2021, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM Virtual
Analyses of Environmental Data — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistics and the Environment
Chair(s): Jenny Brynjarsdottir, Case Western Reserve University
2:05 PM How a River’s Length and Discharge Relate to the Precipitation in Its Basin
David DiMarco, Neumann University; Ryan Savitz, Neumann University
2:10 PM A Basic Logistic Regression Approach to Analyzing Hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin
Joy Marie D'Andrea, USF
2:15 PM Changing Seasonality of Daily and Monthly Precipitation Extremes and Their Possible Connections with Large-Scale Climate Patterns Over the Contiguous USA
Bhikhari Tharu, Spelman College; Nirajan Dhakal, Spelman College; Ali Aljoda, Spelman College
2:20 PM Concurrent Functional Regression to Reconstruct River Stage Data During Flood Events
Ryan Pittman, University of South Carolina Department of Statistics
2:25 PM Identification and Uncertainty of Sea Ice Leads
Hannah Director, Colorado School of Mines; Douglas Nychka, Colorado School of Mines
2:30 PM High-Dimensional Inference for Multivariate Extremes with Spatial Scale-Aware Tail Dependence Structures
Likun Zhang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Mark Risser, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Benjamin Shaby, Colorado State University
2:35 PM Bayesian ETAS: Toward Improved Earthquake Rate Models in the Pacific Northwest
Max Schneider, University of Washington; Peter Guttorp, University of Washington and Norwegian Computing Center
2:45 PM A Bayesian Hierarchical Model Framework to Quantify Uncertainty of Tropical Cyclone Precipitation Forecasts
Stephen Walsh, Virginia Tech; Marco May Ferreira, Virginia Tech Department of Statistics; David Higdon, Virginia Tech; Stephanie Zick, Virginia Tech
2:50 PM Functional Data Fusion of PM2.5 Observations and Satellite AOD Measurements
Zhengyuan Zhu, Iowa State University; Yueying Wang, Iowa State University; Lily Wang, Iowa State University
3:00 PM A Bayesian Change Point Model for Detecting Linear Changes Across Time for Spatio-Temporal Data
Candace Berrett, Brigham Young University; Brianne Gurney, Brigham Young University
3:05 PM Statistical Downscaling of Sea Surface Temperature from Global Climate Models
Ayesha Ekanayaka, University of Cincinnati; Emily Kang, University of Cincinnati; Peter Kalmus, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Amy Braverman, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
3:10 PM Prediction and Model Evaluation for Space-Time Data
Gregory Watson, UCLA; donatello telesca, UCLA
3:15 PM On Testing for the Equality of Autocovariance Between Time Series
Daniel Cirkovic, Texas A&M University; Thomas J Fisher, Miami University
3:20 PM Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Scan Statistics of the Regression Coefficients
Junho Lee, Baylor University; Jun Zhu, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Ronald Gangnon, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Ying Sun, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
3:25 PM A Spatial Dissimilarity Measure for Comparing Spatial Fields
Eric Gilleland, National Center for Atmospheric Research
3:30 PM Optimal Transport for Analyzing Ocean Data
Sangwon Hyun, University of Southern California, Department of Data Science and Operations