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243 Wed, 8/11/2021, 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM Virtual
Statistics in Sports and Beyond — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistics in Sports
Chair(s): Guanyu Hu, University of Missouri - Columbia
10:05 AM A Comparison of the Quantity of MLB Players Produced by US Region: 1994-2019
Jonathan Bishop, Kennesaw State University; Austin Brown, Kennesaw State University
10:10 AM Comprehensive Geostatistical Techniques Illustrated by 'Spatial Boxplots' of Baseball Heat Maps
Dana Sylvan, CUNY Hunter College; Jared Cross, St Ann's School
10:15 AM Zero-Inflated Poisson Model with Clustered Regression Coefficients: An Application to Heterogeneity Learning of Field Goal Attempts of Professional Basketball Players
Hou-Cheng Yang, FDA
10:20 AM The Success of Major League Baseball Starting Pitcher Rotations Based Among Pitching Profiles
Peyton Sumpter, University of Missouri; Erin M Schliep, University of Missouri
10:25 AM Russell, Jordan, Abdul-Jabbar Who Is the Greatest NBA Champion of All: Using a New Metric to Assess Strength of Their Championships
Kevin Paul Tolliver, U.S. Census Bureau
10:30 AM Predicting the Baseball Winning Percentage Using Three Regression Models
Austyn Hughes, United States Department of Agriculture; Jacob Wheeler, University of Missouri - Kansas City; Abdelmonaem Jornaz, Northwest Missouri State University
10:35 AM Partially Constrained Group Variable Selection to Adjust for Complementary Unit Performance in American College Football
Andrey Vladimirovich Skripnikov, New College of Florida
10:40 AM Characteristics of Major League Baseball Pitchers After Single and Revision Tommy John Surgery
Masaru Teramoto, University of Utah; Chad L. Cross, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
10:45 AM Statistical Methods for Learning Dynamic Networks from Player Tracking Data in Soccer
Shirley Rojas Salazar, University of Missouri; Erin M Schliep, University of Missouri; Christopher Wikle, University of Missouri
10:50 AM Assessing Racial Differences in the Tenures of College Football Coaches Using Survival Analysis
Mac Wetherbee, University of Denver
11:00 AM Predicting the Outcome of Shotokan Karate Matches
Ryan Savitz, Neumann University; Olivia DiDonato, Neumann University
11:05 AM Repeated Measures Investigation of the Change in Between-Limb Gait Asymmetries for Post-ACLR Subjects in an Asymmetric Walking Rehabilitation Protocol
Carolyn B Morgan, MECK Limited LLC; Yannis K Halkiadakis, University of Connecticut; Kristin D Morgan, University of Connecticut
11:10 AM Predicting Sports Readiness and Injury Risk of UCONN Athletes Using Novel Statistical Metrics
Morris H Morgan, Meck Limited, LLC; Catie Dann, UCONN Athletic ; Yannis K Halkiadakis, University of Connecticut; Kristin D Morgan, University of Connecticut
11:15 AM Determining an Enhanced Forecasting Model for Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 Cricket
Rudrunath Singh, The University of the West Indies; Isaac Dialsingh, The University of the West Indies
11:20 AM Testing Zero Inflation in Marginal Poisson Regression Models for Longitudinal Data
Hua He, Tulane Univesrity; Wan Tang, Tulane Univesrity; Tingjie Zhao, Tulane University
11:25 AM A Flexible Univariate Moving Average Time-Series Model for Dispersed Count Data
Kimberly Sellers, Georgetown University / U.S. Census Bureau; Ali Arab, Georgetown University; Sean Melville, Citigroup; Fanyu Cui, Yimian by Ascential
11:30 AM A Markov Chain Approach to Coupon Collector's Problem
ILHAN M. IZMIRLI, 5559500017