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352 Thu, 8/12/2021, 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM Virtual
Small Area Estimation, Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data, and New Advances for Health Surveys — Contributed Speed
Survey Research Methods Section
Chair(s): Lu Chen, National Institute of Statistical Sciences/USDA, NASS
10:05 AM WITHDRAWN Changes at the Margins: Evaluating MRP Performance for Data Sets with Clustered Sparsity
Robert Petrin, Ipsos Public Affairs; Kevin Fenton, Ipsos Public Affairs; Meng Li, Ipsos Public Affairs
10:10 AM Utilizing Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey to Improve Small Domain Estimation (SDE) in the Occupational Requirements Survey (ORS)
Xingyou Zhang, Bureau Of Labor Statistics; Erin McNulty, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Ellen Galantucci, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Patrick Kim, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Joan Coleman, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Tom Kelly, Bureau of Labor Statistics
10:15 AM A Bayesian Model for Inference on Multiple Panel Public Opinion Surveys
Brittany Alexander, Texas A&M University
10:20 AM Calculating Confidence Limits and the Application of Reliability Standards for Proportions Estimated from Complex Survey Data
Crescent B Martin, National Center for Health Statistics; Margaret D Carroll, National Center for Health Statistics
10:25 AM Unadjusted and Adjusted Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve and Precision Recall Curve Analyses for Complex Survey Data
Alok Kumar Dwivedi, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso
10:30 AM Joinpoint Regression Methods of Aggregated Outcomes for Complex Survey Data
Benmei Liu, National Cancer Institute; Hyune-Ju Kim, Syracuse University ; Eric J. Feuer, National Cancer Institute; Barry Graubard, National Cancer Institute, DCEG, Biostatistics Branch
10:35 AM Constructing UpSet Plot for Survey Data with Weights Using SAS Survey Package and R UpSetR Package
Julia Soulakova, College of Medicine at Universtity of Central Florida; Camilo Gomez, Graduate Student, UCF; Alexander Goponenko, Graduate Student, UCF
10:40 AM Linear Quantile Mixed Models Under Informative Cluster Sampling
Sixia Chen, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; Daniel E Zhao, OUHSC Hudson College of Public Health; Chao Xu, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
10:45 AM A New Approach to Composite Estimation for Repeated Surveys with Rotating Panels
Takis Merkouris, Athens University of Economics and Business
10:50 AM An Overview of the 2019 Research and Development Survey (RANDS)
Li-Yen Rebecca Hu, NCHS; Yulei He, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Paul Scanlon, National Center for Health Statistics, CDC; Kristen Miller, NCHS; Katherine Irimata, NCHS; Guangyu Zhang, CDC; Kristen Cibelli Hibben, NCHS
11:00 AM Assessing differences of mean estimates from longitudinal surveys, with an application to Research and Development Survey
Rong Wei, National Center for Health Statistics, CDC; Yulei He, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Van Parsons, CDC; Paul Scanlon, National Center for Health Statistics, CDC
11:05 AM Calibration of RANDS During COVID-19: A Web-Based Panel Survey
Katherine Irimata, NCHS; Yulei He, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Van Parsons, CDC; Hee-Choon Shin, National Center for Health Statistics; Guangyu Zhang, CDC
11:10 AM COVID-19 Vaccine Effects on Seroprevalence
Richard Lee Harding, ICF; Ronaldo Iachan, ICF; Adam Lee, ICF; Yangyang Deng, ICF; Tonja Kyle, ICF; Myrna Charles, CDC; Ryan Wiegand, CDC
11:15 AM Statistical Improvements in Weekly-Updated Cumulative Estimates of Flu Vaccination Coverage for Children in the United States
Kennon Copeland, NORC at the University of Chicago; Nada Ganesh, NORC at the University of Chicago; Lin Liu, NORC at the University of Chicago; Tammy Santibanez, CDC; James Singleton, CDC
11:20 AM Modeling and Computation of Multi-Step Batch Testing for Infectious Diseases
Haoran Jiang, Stony Brook University; Hongshik Ahn, Stony Brook University; Xiaolin Li, Stony Brook University
11:25 AM Machine Learning Methods: A Case Study Using Online Web-Based Panel Surveys
Yulei He, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Guangyu Zhang, CDC; Van Parsons, CDC
11:30 AM Response Rates in the Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Systems Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Survey (OAS-CAHPS) Mode Experiment
Kathryn Spagnola, RTI; Elizabeth Goldstein, CMS; Memuna Ifedirah, CMS; Christine Payne, CMS; Patrick Chen, RTI; Shampa Saha, RTI; Marjorie Hinsdale-Shouse, RTI
11:35 AM A General Stopping Rule for Survey Data Collection
Xinyu Zhang, University of Michigan - Ann Anbor; James Wagner, University of Michigan; Michael R. Elliott, University of Michigan; Brady T. West, University of Michigan; Stephanie Coffey, U.S. Census Bureau