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306 Wed, 8/11/2021, 3:30 PM - 5:20 PM Virtual
SPEED: SPAAC SESSION II — Topic-Contributed Speed
SPAA Committee
Chair(s): Joseph Cappelleri, Pfizer Inc
3:35 PM Pathfinder: A parallel quasi-Newton algorithm for reaching regions of high probability mass
Lu Zhang, Columbia University; Bob Carpenter, Flatiron Institute; Aki Vehtari, Aalto University; Andrew Gelman, Columbia University
3:40 PM Testing Microbiome Association Using Integrated Quantile Regression Models
Tianying Wang, Center for Statistical Science, Tsinghua University; Wodan Ling, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Michael C Wu, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Anna Plantinga, Williams College; Xiang Zhan , Penn State University
3:45 PM ASCEND for Veteran Suicide Prevention: Evaluating Sample Design and Response Characteristics of a National Veteran Survey Surveillance System
Evan Herring-Nathan, NORC at the University of Chicago; Christopher Johnson, NORC; Claire Hoffmire, Department of Veterans Affairs; Lindsey Monteith, Department of Veterans Affairs; Alexandra Schneider, Department of Veterans Affairs
3:50 PM Network-Based Differential Co-Expression Analysis Using Breast Cancer Data Set
Yonghui Ni, University of Kansas-Medical Center,Department of Biostatistics & Data Science; Prabhakar Chalise, University of Kansas Medical Center; Jianghua He, University of Kansas Medical Center
3:55 PM Utilizing Stability Criteria in Choosing Feature Selection Methods Yields Reproducible Results in Microbiome Data
Lingjing Jiang, Johnson & Johnson
4:00 PM Nonconstant Error Variance in Generalized Propensity Score Model
Doyoung Kim, Sungkyunkwan University; Chanmin Kim, Sungkyunkwan University
4:05 PM Gene Clustering Method for Multi-Omics Data: A Canonical Correlation and Weighted Correlation Network Analysis Approach
Ulrich Kemmo Tsafack, Medical College of Wisconsin; Kwang Woo Ahn, Medical College of Wisconsin; Chien-Wei Lin, Medical College of Wisconsin
4:10 PM Short-Term Transition Impact on Change Point Detection and Monitoring Existing State
Turkan Kumbaraci Gardenier, Teka Trends, Inc.
4:15 PM A Sparse Negative Binomial Mixture Model for Clustering RNA-Seq Count Data
YUJIA LI, Department of Biostatistics, University of Pittsburgh; Tanbin Rahman, Department of Biostatistics, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Tianzhou Ma, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Maryland; Lu Tang, University of Pittsburgh; George Tseng, Department of Biostatistics, University of Pittsburgh
4:20 PM Prediction of Dispositional Dialectical Thinking from Resting-State Electroencephalography
Kun Huang, Tsinghua University; Dian Chen, Tsinghua University; Fei Wang, Tsinghua University; Lijian Yang, Tsinghua University
4:30 PM Evaluation of the Impact of Correlation Between Competing/Semi-Competing Event and Event of Interest in Trials with Heterogeneity Population
Ran Liao, Eli Lilly; Junjing Lin, Takeda Pharmaceuticals; Margaret Gamalo-Siebers, Pfizer Inc.
4:35 PM Data Analysis for International Investments into Territories: Assessment of International Entrepreneurs' Decision-Making as the Generalized Erlang(N)Risk Stand as a Brownian Particle
VALERY MFONDOUM, Toulouse 1 Capitol University / CNAM of Pays de la Loire
4:40 PM A General Adaptive Framework for Testing a Multivariate Point Null Hypothesis
Adam Elder, University of Washington; Alex Luedtke, University of Washington; Marco Carone, University of Washington
4:45 PM Extending the Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test to Survey Data for Comparing Mean Ranks
Tuo Lin, University of California, San Diego
4:50 PM Robust Online Linear Discriminant Analysis for Data with Outliers
Soshi Kawarai, Doshisha University; Ippei Takasawa, Doshisha University; Hiroshi Yadohisa, Doshisha University
4:55 PM Online Registration and Inference for Functional Data
Yoonji Kim, The Ohio State University; Oksana Chkrebtii, The Ohio State University; Sebastian Kurtek, The Ohio State University
5:00 PM A Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Online Personalized Tutor Recommendation
Mohamad Kazem Shirani Faradonbeh, University of Georgia
5:05 PM Data Fusion of Distance Sampling and Spatial Capture-Recapture Data
Narmadha Meenabhashini Mohankumar, Kansas State University; Trevor Hefley, Kansas State University, Department of Statistics; Katy Silber, Kansas State University; W. Alice Boyle, Kansas State University
5:10 PM Storytelling with Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curves for Environmental Remediation of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)
Shelley Cazares, Institute for Defense Analyses; Jacob Bartel, Institute for Defense Analyses
5:15 PM A Comparative Study of Time Series Forecasting Using Deep Learning Methods
Simachew Endale Ashebir, North Carolina A&T State University; Seong-Tae Kim, North Carolina A&T State University