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433 * Thu, 8/12/2021, 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM Virtual
Statistical Approaches in Text Analysis — Topic-Contributed Papers
Text Analysis Interest Group
Organizer(s): Jordan Rodu, University of Virginia
Chair(s): Jared Murray, University of Texas
4:05 PM Minimizing Conflicts of Interest: Optimizing the JSM Program
David Banks, Duke University & SAMSI; Qiuyi Wu, University of Rochester; Luca Frigau, University of Cagliari
4:25 PM Grains and Brains: An Introduction to Text Regression Using Beer and Television Reviews
Michael Crotty, JMP; Clay Barker, JMP
4:45 PM NukeLM: Pre-Trained and Fine-Tuned Language Models for the Nuclear and Energy Domains
Daniel Fortin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Lee Burke, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Karl Pazdernik, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Benjamin Wilson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Rustam Goychayev, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; John Mattingly, North Carolina State University
5:05 PM On the Need for More Statistics in Text Analysis, with Recent Advances
Jordan Rodu, University of Virginia; Michael Baiocchi, Stanford University
5:25 PM Discussant: Richard Ross, University of Virginia
5:45 PM Floor Discussion