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403 Tue, 7/30/2019, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-Hall C
SPAAC Poster Competition — Topic Contributed Poster Presentations
Scientific and Public Affairs Advisory Committee, Survey Research Methods Section
Chair(s): Michael Messner, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1: Statistical Downscaling with Spatial Misalignment: Application to Wildland Fire PM2.5 Emissions Forecasting
Suman Majumder, North Carolina State University; Yawen Guan, North Carolina State University; Brian Reich, North Carolina State University; Ana Rappold, US Environmental Protection Agency
2: Estimation of Semiparametric Functional Coefficients Panel Data Model
Shaymal Halder, Auburn University; Emir Malikov, Auburn University
3: Bootstrap-Based Inference Method for Time-Dependent Dual-Frequency Coherence
Kamila Kazimierska, KAUST, Saudi Arabia; Ania Dudek, AGH, Poland; Hernando Ombao, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
4: Wavelet Variances for Heavy-Tailed Time Series
Rodney Fonseca, University of Campinas; Debashis Mondal, Oregon State University; Lingjiao Zhang, University of Pennsylvania
5: A Causal Model to Estimate the Effect of Distance-Weighted Built Environment Exposures from Longitudinal Data
Adam Peterson; Brisa Sanchez, Drexel University
6: Poll-Based Bayesian Models to Predict United States Presidential Elections
Brittany Alexander; Leif Ellingson, Texas Tech University
7: Implementation Science and the Opportunity of Probabilistic Programming Languages
Patrick Wilson, Mayo Clinic; Curtis Storlie, Mayo Clinic
8: Estimation and Model Selection Methods for Polygenic Scores on Summary Statistics
Jack Pattee, University of Minnesota-Div of Biostatistics; Wei Pan, University of Minnesota
9: A Comparison of Missing Data Imputation Methods for Longitudinal Data
Meghan Sealey; Lan Zhu, Oklahoma State University
10: Using Black-Box Machine Learning Techniques to Identify Spatial Dependence in Occupancy Data
Narmadha Mohankumar, Kansas State University; Trevor Hefley, Kansas State University
11: Propensity Score Analysis to Reduce Bias in Comparing Gender Difference in Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Using National Inpatient Sample
Hsin-Fang Li, Providence Health and Services
12: The Use of Bayesian Methods to Detect Test Fraud
Sandip Sinharay, Educational Testing Service; Matthew Johnson, Educational Testing Service
13: RWE for Lorazepam IV Regulatory Approval in Japan
Richard B. Chambers, Pfizer Inc; Kelly H Zou, Pfizer Inc; Yoshiomi Nakazuru, Pfizer R&D Japan; Shintaro Hiro, Pfizer R&D Japan; Michinori Terada, Pfizer R&D Japan; Alexa Parliyan, Pfizer Inc; Ahmed Shelbaya, Pfizer Inc; Patricia Schepman, Pfizer Inc
14: Power and Sample Size Considerations for the Test Negative Design
Yanan Huo; Natalie E Dean, University of Florida
15: Statistical Evaluation of Causal Treatment Effect on the Incidence and Severity of Adverse Events in Clinical Trials
Jiawei Duan, University of Kansas Medical Center; Jo Wick, University of Kansas Medical Center; Byron Gajewski, University of Kansas Medical Center, The University of Kansas Cancer; Matthew Mayo, University of Kansas Medical Center; Scott Weir, University of Kansas Medical Center
16: Deep Learning with GWAS to Predict AMD Progression
Tao Sun, University of Pittsburgh; Wei Chen, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC; Ying Ding, University of Pittsburgh
17: Sample Sizes Associated with a Choice of Normalization and Test Statistical Methods for Differential Gene Expression Analysis in RNA-Seq Studies
Xiaohong Li, University of Louisville; Nigel G.F. Cooper, University of Louisville; Timothy E O'Toole, University of Louisville; Eric C. Rouchka, University of Louisville
18: Using Surrogate Endpoints for Trials with Delayed Treatment Effect
Qing Li, Takeda; Jianchang Lin, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
19: Estimation of Speciation Times Under the Multispecies Coalescent
Jing Peng, The Ohio State University; Laura Kubatko, The Ohio State University; David Swofford, Duke University
20: Functional Change Detection for Mapping Annual Urban Dynamics Using Landsat Data
Xinyue Chang, Iowa State University ; Xiongtao Dai, Iowa State University ; Zhengyuan Zhu, Iowa State University
21: Detecting Participant Noncompliance Across Multiple Time Points: The CATCH ‘EM Method
Ross Peterson; David Michael Vock, University of Minnesota; Joseph Koopmeiners, University of Minnesota
22: Integrative Modeling of Multi-Omic Data Using a Mediation Framework
Ilana Trumble, University of Colorado Denver; Daniel Frank, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Department of Medicine; Vijay Ramakrishnan, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Department of Otolaryngology; Miranda Kroehl, Colorado School of Public Health
23: Utilizing the Internet as a Public Health Surveillance Medium: Outcomes from the RADARS® System Web Monitoring Program
Zachary R Margolin, Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, Denver Health and Hospital Authority; Kevin W Wogenstahl, Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, Denver Health and Hospital Authority; Joshua Curtis Black, Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center; Richard A Olson, Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, Denver Health and Hospital Authority; Richard C Dart, Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, Denver Health and Hospital Authority
24: The Use of BOIN Design in Practice: What We Have Learned
Suyu Liu, University Of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center; Heather Lin, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Lei Feng, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Xuemei Wang, MD Anderson Cancer Center
25: Sample Size Evaluation for Oncology Phase II Trial Design
Jun Sun, ICON plc; Jill Stankowski, ICON plc
26: Testing Exchangeability in Spatiotemporal Random Processes
Trevor Harris, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign; Bo Li, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Nathan Steiger, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Jason Smerdon, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Naveen Naidu Narisetty, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; Derek Tucker, Sandia National Laboratories
27: An Analysis of Motorcyclist's Injury Severity in Florida Work Zones: a Random Parameter Approach with Heterogeneity in Means and Variances
Mouyid Islam, Center for Urban Transportation Research; Rahul Deshmukh, Center for Urban Transportation Research
28: Shape Constrained Function Estimation
Sutanoy Dasgupta, Florida State University
29: The Nonparametric Behrens-Fisher Problem with Dependent Replicates
Akash Roy, University of Texas At Dallas; FRANK KONIETSCHKE, Institut für Biometrie und Klinische Epidemiologie , Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin; Solomon W. Harrar, University of Kentucky
30: Use of Quadratic Inference Function for Estimation of Marginal Intervention Effects in Cluster Randomized Trials
Hengshi Yu, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Fan Li, Duke University; Elizabeth L Turner, Duke University
31: Mixed Effects Models for Sequential, Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials (SMARTs)
Brook Luers, University of Michigan; Daniel Almirall, University of Michigan
32: Higher Significance with Smaller Samples: a Modified Sequential Probability Ratio Test
Sandipan Pramanik, Texas A&M University (College Station); Valen Johnson, Texas A&M University; Anirban Bhattacharya, TAMU
33: Bayesian Inference on Multivariate Medians and Quantiles
Indrabati Bhattacharya, North Carolina State University; Subhashis Ghosal, North Carolina State University
34: Alternative Method to Bootstrap to Obtain Confidence Interval for Relative Treatment Difference
Ruji Yao, Merck; Amarjot Kaur, Merck & Co.; Qing Li, Merck Research Labs; Anjela Tzontcheva , Merck & Co., Inc.
35: Estimating Uncertainty of Small Area Estimates via Multilevel Regression and Post-Stratification: a Comparison of Bayesian, Bootstrapping and Monte Carlo Simulation Methods
Yan Wang, CDC; Xingyou Zhang, Economic Research Service, USDA; James B. Holt, CDC; Hua Lu, CDC; Janet B. Croft, CDC; Kurt J. Greenlund, CDC
36: Identifying the Optimal Timing of Surgery from Observational Data
Xiaofei Chen, Southern Methodist University/UT Southwestern; Daniel Heitjan, Southern Methodist University; Haekyung Jeon-Slaughter, UT Southwestern
37: Strategies for Pooling in Array Testing Configurations with Multiplex Assays
Christopher Bilder, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Joshua Tebbs, University of South Carolina; Christopher McMahan, Clemson University
38: A Data-Driven Fallback Procedure for Multiple Comparisons
Jared Wolf, J.B. Hunt Transport Inc.; Hong Zhou, Arkansas State University