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159 Mon, 7/31/2017, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-322
SPEED: Sports and Business — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistics in Sports , Business and Economic Statistics Section , Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science
Chair(s): Michael Rutter, Penn State Erie
The Poster portion will take place during Session 214581
10:40 AM Player Tracking for Division I Women's College Hockey Maxime Bost-Brown ; Michael Schuckers, St. Lawrence University
10:45 AM Predicting NFL Player Success From Analysts' Diction Hubert Song, North Carolina State University ; Karl Pazdernik, North Carolina State University
10:50 AM No Punt Intended Nicholas Eisemann, California State Univ Chico ; Camille Pensabene, St. John Fisher College ; Dylan Gouthro, Chico State ; Demond Handley, Kansas State University ; MyDoris Soto, California State University-Fullerton
10:55 AM Quantifying the Causal Effects of Conservative Fourth Down Decision Making in the National Football League Derrick Yam, Skidmore College ; Michael J. Lopez, Skidmore College
11:05 AM Predict NBA 2016-2017 Regular Season MVP Winner Mason Chen, Mason Chen Consulting
11:10 AM Predict NBA 2016-2017 Regular Season Team Winning% Timothy Liu ; Mason Chen, Mason Chen Consulting
11:30 AM Operations Research on NCAA Football Re-Injury Prevention Nelson Chung, U. S. Census Bureau
11:40 AM Functional Clustering of Elo Ratings in Professional Soccer Leagues jinglin feng, Pennsylvania State University ; Andrew Hwang, Pennsylvania State University
11:45 AM Instrumental Variables Approaches in Hurdle Data Jacqueline Mauro, Carnegie Mellon University
11:50 AM Deep Learning Econometrics Guanhao Feng ; Nicholas Polson, University of Chicago ; Jianeng Xu, University of Chicago
11:55 AM Unexpected Customer Relationship Leads to Doubling Market Share Through Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Steven Reagan, L&L Products, Inc.
12:00 PM How Statistics Is Essential to Business Analytics — Mary Whiteside, University of Texas-Arlington ; Mark Eakin, The University of Texas at Arlington
12:05 PM Finding the Edge in Baccarat's Dragon and Panda Side Bets Robert Hannum, University of Denver ; Teresa Dalton, University of California, Irvine
12:10 PM Floor Discussion
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