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518 Wed, 8/6/2014, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Exhibit Hall B2
Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Section on Statistical Education — Contributed Poster Presentations
Section on Statistical Education
Chair(s): Daniel S. Cooley, Colorado State University   
27: Student Assessment in Engineering Classes Julia Norton, California State University, East Bay ; Farnaz Ganjeizadeh, California State University, East Bay
28: ANOVA and Multiple Tests of Hypotheses Controlling for Family-Wise Error Rate Marie Kraska, Auburn University
29: Stat Geek Squad: Mentoring Novice AP Statistics Teachers of Underserved Students Sharon Hessney, Massachusetts Math & Science Initiative
30: Heuristic Biases in an Introductory Statistics Course Andrew Neath, SIU Edwardsville
31: At What Point Do Students' Attitudes Change? April Kerby, Winona State University ; Jacqueline Wroughton, Northern Kentucky University
32: Classroom Simulation: Distributions of Ties Induced by Rounding Continuous Data Bruce Trumbo ; Eric A. Suess, California State University, East Bay
33: Statistics for Engineers Class Projects: Capstone or Confusion Charles Smith, North Carolina State University ; Kimberly Weems, North Carolina State University ; Renee' Moore, North Carolina State University
34: Teaching Hypotheses-Testing Concepts with the Binomial Test and a Pepsi-Coke Challenge Phyllis Curtiss, Grand Valley State University ; John Gabrosek, Grand Valley State University ; Kirk Anderson, Grand Valley State University
35: Is This Applied Statistics? A Concept Map Glenn Johnson, Penn State ; Scott Roths, Penn State ; James Rosenberger, Penn State ; Mosuk Chow, Penn State
36: Teaching About Generalizability in Meta-Analyses Betsy Becker, Florida State University ; Ariel Aloe, University of Northern Iowa ; Christopher Thompson, Florida State University
37: Illustrating Discrepancies Between the Bivariate Correlation and Effect-Size Indices Estimated from Regression Results Ariel Aloe, University of Northern Iowa ; Betsy Becker, Florida State University
38: Initiatives in Applied Statistics Graduate Programs at Penn State Mosuk Chow, Penn State ; Linda Clark, Penn State ; James Rosenberger, Penn State ; Glenn Johnson, Penn State
39: Responsibility in the Conduct of Quantitative Sciences: Preparing Future Practitioners and Certifying Professionals Rochelle E. Tractenberg, Georgetown University ; Kevin T. FitzGerald, Georgetown University Medical Center
40: Classroom Demonstrations of Big Data Eric A. Suess, California State University, East Bay
41: Using Electronic Assessments to Inform Student Learning in Introductory Statistics Amy Froelich, Iowa State University ; Dianne Cook, Iowa State University ; James Curro, Iowa State University ; Xiaoyue Cheng, Iowa State University
42: Using the Past to Mold the Future: Results of Surveys of Alumni from an Undergraduate Statistics Program Lisa Kay, Eastern Kentucky University ; Patti Costello, Eastern Kentucky University
43: Experiences in Creating an Innovative Online Statistical Concepts Course Amanda Ellis, UKY
45: Classroom Activity: Estimating the Proportion of the Earth's Surface That Is Covered by Water Paul Stephenson, Grand Valley State University ; Laura Kapitula, Grand Valley State University
46: Evolving a Traditional Business Statistics Course into a General Education Requirement Course Cathy Poliak, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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