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Legend: Palais des congrès de Montréal = CC, Le Westin Montréal = W, Intercontinental Montréal = I
A * preceding a session name means that the session is an applied session.
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92 Sun, 8/4/2013, 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM CC-517cd
Complex Data Analysis and High-Dimensional Computing: Methods and Applications — Invited Poster Presentations
Biometrics Section , Government Statistics Section , IMS , Korean International Statistical Society , Section for Statistical Programmers and Analysts , Section on Bayesian Statistical Science , Section on Nonparametric Statistics , Section on Statistical Consulting , Section on Statistical Learning and Data Mining , Section on Statistics and the Environment , Section on Statistics in Epidemiology , Social Statistics Section
Organizer(s): Joyee Ghosh, The University of Iowa, Mimi Kim, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Nancy J. Petersen, Department of Veterans Affairs
Chair(s): David B. Dunson, Duke University
1: Assessing Accuracy of Population Screening Using Longitudinal Marker Paramita Saha-Chaudhuri, Duke University
2: The Emerging Role of the Data Scientist Charles D. Kincaid, Experis Business Analytics
4: Geographic Adjustment Factors for Educational Expenditures Satkartar Kinney, NISS ; Alan F. Karr, National Institute of Statistical Sciences
5: Using Family Members to Augment Genetic Case-Control Studies of a Life-Threatening Disease Lu Chen, University of Pennsylvania ; Jinbo Chen, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine ; Clarice R. Weinberg, National Institute of Environmental Health
6: Analysis of Secondary Outcomes in Nested Case-Control Study Designs Ryung S. Kim, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
7: Nonparametric Bayes Multi-Task Multi-View Learning Angela Schoergendorfer, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center ; Hongxia Yang, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
8: Selection of Building Components Using Sequential Design via Statistical Surrogate Models Fei Liu, IBM Watson Research Center ; Rui Zhang, IBM Watson Research Center ; Angela Schoergendorfer, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center ; Youngdoek Hwang, IBM Watson Research Center ; Young Lee, IBM Watson Research Center ; Jane Snowdon, IBM Watson Research Center
9: The Validity and Efficiency of the Common Effect Test for Subtype Analysis in Case-Case Studies — Molin Wang, Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health ; Aya Kuchiba, Harvard School of Public Health ; Donna Spiegelman, Harvard School of Public Health
10: Speaking Clearly About Data Scientists: A Survey and Clustering Analysis Harlan D. Harris, Data Community DC ; Marck Vaisman, Data Community DC ; Sean P. Murphy, Data Community DC
11: A Little Goes a Long Way: Habits of the Efficient Project-Juggling SAS Programmer Jonathan L. Moscovici, Quintiles
12: Multiply Imputing Missing Values in Data Sets with Mixed Measurement Scales Using a Sequence of Generalized Linear Models Robin Mitra, University of Southampton ; Min Lee, University of Southampton
14: Variable Selection for Failure Time Data from Stratified Case-Cohort Studies: An Application to a Retrospective Dental Study Sangwook Kang, University of Connecticut
15: A Bayesian Nonparametric Method for Spatial Point Processes with Application to Sea Turtles' Nesting Patterns Gavino Puggioni, University of Rhode Island ; Lance A Waller, Emory University
16: Data Analysis on Riemannian Symmetric Spaces Emil Cornea, UNC-CH Biostatistics ; Hongtu Zhu, UNC-Chapel Hill ; Joseph G. Ibrahim, UNC
17: Kernel-Based Aggregation of Marker-Level Genetic Association Tests Involving Copy-Number Variation Patrick Breheny, University of Kentucky ; Yinglei Li, University of Kentucky
18: Design and Analysis of Pre-Post Studies with a Binary Outcome on Partially Overlapping Units Song Zhang, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center ; Jing Cao, Southern Methodist University ; Chul Ahn, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
19: Seeking Partners for LISA 2020: Creating a Network of Statistical Collaboration Laboratories in Developing Countries Eric A. Vance, LISA-Virginia Tech
20: Next Generation of Genotype Imputation Methods Sayantan Das, University of Michigan ; Goncalo R. Abecasis, University of Michigan

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