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661 * Thu, 8/2/2012, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Room 23A
Statistical Methodologies to Deal with Multiplicities — Contributed Papers
Biopharmaceutical Section
10:35 AM A Generalized Multistage Gatekeeping Procedure Dong Xi, Northwestern University ; Ajit C. Tamhane, Northwestern University
10:50 AM Multiplicity Strategies for Multiple Treatments and Multiple Endpoints Kenneth Liu, Merck ; Duane Snavely, Merck ; Nancy Liu, Merck ; Jin Xu, Merck ; Ivan Chan, Merck ; Paulette Ceesay, Merck
11:05 AM An Improved Hommel-Hochberg Hybrid Procedure Jiangtao Gou, Northwestern University ; Dror Rom, Prosoft Software, Inc. ; Ajit C. Tamhane, Northwestern University ; Dong Xi, Northwestern University
11:20 AM Flexible Multiple Testing Procedures Based on Resampling Methods for Gatekeeping Applications Kentaro Sakamaki, University of Tokyo ; Yutaka Matsuyama, University of Tokyo ; Yasuo Ohashi, University of Tokyo
11:35 AM A Multiplicity Adjustment Problem in Clinical Trials with Multiple Co-Primary Endpoints Yi Ma, Quintiles, Inc.
11:50 AM Expected Loss Functions as Additional Measures to Assess Performance of Multiple Testing Procedures for Combination Drug Dose Finding Julia Soulakova, University of Nebraska ; Allan Sampson, University of Pittsburgh
Discussant: Xiaobi Huang, Merck
12:05 PM Floor Discussion

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