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313 * ! Tue, 7/31/2012, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Room 30E
Current Topics in Statistics and Forensic Science — Invited Papers
Committee of Representatives to AAAS , Statistics Surveys Online Journal
Organizer(s): Cliff Spiegelman, Texas A&M University
Chair(s): Nell Sedransk, National Institute of Statistical Sciences
10:35 AM Incorporating Uncertainty Into Likelihood Ratios for DNA Evidence Bruce S. Weir, University of Washington ; John S. Buckleton, Environmental and Scientific Research ; James M. Curran, University of Auckland
11:00 AM An Overview of the Current Use of Uncertainty Statements in Court and ASA Efforts to Help Reform Forensic Science Cliff Spiegelman, Texas A&M University
11:25 AM Quantifying the Weight of Evidence from Forensic Fingerprint Comparisons Cedric Neumann, Penn State University ; Mina Yoo, Penn State University
11:50 AM Adventures in Forensic DNA: Cold Hits, Familial Searches, and Mixtures Sandy Zabell, Northwestern University
12:15 PM Floor Discussion

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