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Activity ID:  404
* ! Analysis of Education Systems--Teaching, Learning, Quality
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
10:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Room: H-Murray Hill Suite A
Social Statistics Section* Contributed
Organizer: n/a
Chair: Alan Tupek, U.S. Census Bureau

This session focuses on the analysis of educational data, including measurement of teacher quality, efficacy of grants programs, student leadership, and the use of intelligence testing.
  301807  By:  Matilde  Bini 10:35 AM 08/15/2002
The Students' Perceived Quality of the University Teaching Courses in Italy

  301758  By:  Alessandra  Petrucci 10:50 AM 08/15/2002
Robust Diagnostics in Regression Models for the Evaluation of University Teaching Activity

  301606  By:  John D. Lovell 11:05 AM 08/15/2002
Content Mastery Testing in Introductory College Classes

  300570  By:  Mack C. Shelley, II 11:20 AM 08/15/2002
A Structural Equations Model of Perceptions of Student Leadership in Higher Education

  300891  By:  Fabrizia  Mealli 11:35 AM 08/15/2002
Impact Evaluation of University Grants

  301172  By:  Stephan  Boes 11:50 AM 08/15/2002
Applying Forecasting Intervals to Forecasts for the German Higher Education System

  300795  By:  Jack  Kaplan 12:05 PM 08/15/2002
Misuses of Statistics in the Study of Intelligence: The Case of Arthur Jensen

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