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Activity ID:  312
Cost and Productivity Measures
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
10:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Room: H-Concourse A
Business & Economics Statistics Section*, Section on Government Statistics*, Section on Survey Research Methods* Contributed
Organizer: n/a
Chair: Ward Kay, National Institute of Health
Floor Discussion 12:05 PM

The papers focus on the development of consistent measures of prices and quantities and classifications and definitions.
  301099  By:  Martin C. Kohli 10:35 AM 08/14/2002
Wassily Leontief and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1941-54:

  301480  By:  Roberta  Piergiovanni 10:50 AM 08/14/2002
Costs and Mark-up Indicators in the Italian National Accounts System

  300432  By:  Monica  Traetow 11:05 AM 08/14/2002
Accounting for Business Births and Deaths in CES: Bias vs. Net Birth/Death Modeling

  300652  By:  Monique  Graf 11:20 AM 08/14/2002
Assessing the Accuracy of the Median in a Stratified Double Stage Cluster Sample by Means of a Nonparametric Confidence Interval: Application to the Swiss Salary Structure Survey

  301554  By:  Howard N. Fullerton 11:35 AM 08/14/2002
Evaluating the BLS Labor Force Projections to 2000

  301064  By:  Patrick R. Edwards 11:50 AM 08/14/2002
Using EEO-1 Data to Examine Gender-Based Occupation Segregation by Industry

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