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Activity ID:  214
* Survival Analysis
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
10:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Room: H-Nassau Suite A
Biopharmaceutical Section*, ENAR Contributed
Organizer: n/a
Chair: Sarah J.H. Kogut, Medtronic Neurological

Statistical issues in assessing survival data including recurrent events, missing data, and therapeutic equivalence.
  300613  By:  Andreas  Sashegyi 10:35 AM 08/13/2002
Survival Analysis for Unobserved Event Times

  300840  By:  Chiung-Yu  Huang 10:50 AM 08/13/2002
Joint Modeling and Estimation for Recurrent Event Process and Failure Time Data

  300940  By:  Shibao  Feng 11:05 AM 08/13/2002
Mixed Poisson Regression Analysis for Frailty Models

  301000  By:  Mani Y. Lakshminarayanan 11:20 AM 08/13/2002
Use of Hazard Ratio in Comparing Survival Distributions

  301116  By:  Xuelin  Huang 11:35 AM 08/13/2002
The Analysis of Clustered Survival Data with Dependent Censoring

  301416  By:  Lynn E. Eberly 11:50 AM 08/13/2002
A Test for Proportional Hazards in Stratified Time-to-Event Models

  301296  By:  Dongsheng  Tu 12:05 PM 08/13/2002
A Comparison of Some Statistical Procedures for Therapeutic Equivalence Clinical Trials with Survival Endpoints

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