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* Semiparametric Regression Methods for Survival and Longitudinal Data Analysis
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
10:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Room: H-Murray Hill Suite A
Biometrics Section*, ENAR Contributed
Organizer: n/a
Chair: Abbas F. Jawad, Children's Hospital, Philadelphia

The papers in this session discuss recent semiparametric regression methods for survival and longitudinal data analysis. Topics range from analysis of frailty models, recurrence times, interval censored data, models with cure functions, mixture models and multidimensional data.
  300750  By:  Michael R. Kosorok 10:35 AM 08/12/2002
Robust Inference for Proportional Hazards Frailty Regression Models

  301612  By:  Ying Qing  Chen 10:50 AM 08/12/2002
On the Comparability of Recurrence Times in Event History Study

  301709  By:  Hsiao-Chuan  Tien 11:05 AM 08/12/2002
Analyzing Bivariate Survival Data with Interval Censoring

  301841  By:  Yingwei  Peng 11:20 AM 08/12/2002
A Simple Approach to Model Survival Data with a Cured Fraction

  301459  By:  Kathryn A. Prewitt 11:35 AM 08/12/2002
Binary Regression Using Local Polynomial Nonparametric Methods

  301464  By:  Xiaohui  Luo 11:50 AM 08/12/2002
Score Tests for a Mixture Model Where Both the Response Rate and Response Mean are Linear Functions of the Covariate

  301927  By:  Mohamed  Alosh 12:05 PM 08/12/2002
Testing for Treatment Effect in Clinical Trials with Multidimensional Longitudinal Data

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