Detail from "the second line," a painting by Bob Graham. For more about the artist, click here.

About the Artist

Bob Graham was born in Canton, Texas in 1947. He studied art in Provincetown, Massachusetts at the CapeSchool.
He started teaching in 1974 and has lived and worked in New Orleans for more than 30 years.

I sketched portraits in one hour for tourists and locals… I sold literally hundreds of paintings while my kids grew to manhood… We all live as artists, our lives are our art. Our community is our art, and then after all, our world is our art. There was a sense of community that was truly unique to the French Quarter artists. What will happen to the art of New Orleans now? I don’t know. I have always painted the musicians that played around me and now that I am old, those images have evolved to what I now hope are my unique contributions to the heritage of New Orleans.
Bob Graham, July 2006

Bob can be found painting in Jackson Square every weekend, alongside many of the other artists licensed by the City
of New Orleans. For more information visit his website at

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