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Barking Up the Right Tree? Using Social Networks to Target and analyze Animal Health

*Danna L Moore, Social & Economic Sciences Research Center 
Rose Krebill Prather, Social & Economic Sciences Research Center 
Leona Ding, Social & Economic Sciences Research Center 

Keywords: social network, targeting subpopulation, health risk, meausrements, animal health

A significant issue for many animal health researchers is to define and get information from the very specific subgroup of the human population closely associated with an animal population that is at risk or that has a higher rate of injury, illness, nutritional requirement, and special performance requirements. This research discusses aspects of locating and finding a hard to reach group, owners of agility dogs and defining measurements of nutrition and health, incidence of injury and illness, and animal health practices. This study examines the problem of locating a population within a population. A social network is used as an innovative framework for sampling, targeting, and evaluating complex health problems where the contactable population holds key information related to a subpopulation of interest.

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