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Analysis of 2010 Census Nonresponse Followup Operation Difficult to Enumerate Addresses

*Geoffrey Ian Jackson, Census Bureau 

Keywords: 2010 Census, Nonresponse Followup

When people are reluctant or refuse to mail back their Census questionnaire, the Census Bureau then attempts to interview them in person in the Census operation Nonresponse Follow-up. Most people complete the interview with a Nonresponse Followup Enumerator at their door. However, there are still instances where the Enumerator is unable to obtain any information about the number of people that are living at that address. The only information that the Nonresponse Followup Enumerator was able to obtain about these addresses were that they were occupied. These cases were then part of the universe for the Nonresponse Followup Residual operation, where one more attempt was made to interview these difficult to enumerate addresses. This paper will investigate the people that were hard to reach in the Nonresponse Follow-up universe by exploring geographic and correlating descriptive statistics for these addresses.

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