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Sessions Were Renumbered as of May 19.

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307 Tue, 8/2/2016, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-W181b
SPEED: Epidemiological Research — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistics in Epidemiology
Chair(s): Arni Rao, Augusta University
The Poster portions will take place during Session 213213 and Session 213214
8:35 AM Confidence Intervals Construction of Difference of Proportions Based on Correlated Bilateral Data Zhengyu Yang, SUNY Buffalo ; Xiaobin Liu, SUNY Buffalo ; Chang-Xing Ma, SUNY Buffalo
8:40 AM Validation of Sudden Cardiac Death Algorithm Zoe Bider-Canfield, Kaiser Permanente Southern California ; Shuhua Liang, Kaiser Permanente Southern California ; T. Craig Cheetham, Kaiser Permanente Southern California
8:45 AM Trends in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors by Obesity Level in Adults in the U.S. Reena Gitanjali Singh, York University
8:50 AM Effect of Birth Weight on Childhood Allergy with Repeatedly Measured Confounder Using Joint and Marginal Modeling Ayano Takeuchi, Keio University ; Mari Oba, Toho University ; Ikuko Funatogawa, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
8:55 AM Adaptive Distributed Lag Models Alastair Rushworth, University of Strathclyde
9:00 AM Two-Level Joint Model for Imputing Subject-Level Variables of Mixed Type David Kline, The Ohio State University ; Rebecca Andridge, The Ohio State University ; Eloise Kaizar, The Ohio State University
9:05 AM Mediation Analysis for Longitudinal Data Using Regression Calibration When the Mediator Is Measured with Error John M. Ssenkusu, University of Minnesota ; David Vock, University of Minnesota School of Public Health
9:10 AM Optimal Point Estimates and Credible Intervals for Ranking County Health Indices Ronald Gangnon, University of Wisconsin ; Patricia Jewett, University of Wisconsin - Madison
9:20 AM Childhood Obesity Modeling with a Semi-Markov Process Richard Seymour, U.S. Air Force
9:35 AM Association Tests Using Common and Rare Variants and family data Renfang Jiang, Michigan Technological University ; Jianping Dong, Michigan Technological University ; Yilin Dai, Michigan Technological University
9:40 AM An Approach to Combining Stratification and Covariate Adjustment Methods Zhibao Mi, VA CSPCC ; Joseph Collins, VA CSPCC
9:45 AM Multi-Locus Test and Correction for Confounding Effects in Genome-Wide Association Studies Donglai Chen, Purdue University ; Jun Xie, Purdue University ; Chuanhai Liu, Purdue University
9:50 AM Comparing Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Telemedicine in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Amy O'Shea, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine ; Mary Vaughan Sarrazin, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine ; Heather Schacht Reisinger, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
9:55 AM Estimating Associations by the Reconstructed Population Method Diana Lam, University of Maryland Baltimore County ; William Blackwelder, University of Maryland Baltimore County
10:00 AM Postoperative Neonatal Mortality Prediction Using Superlearning Jennifer N. Cooper, Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Institute ; Katherine J. Deans, Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Institute ; Peter C. Minneci, Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Institute
10:05 AM Adjusting for Noncompliance in Randomized Clinical Trials When Noncompliance Must Be Estimated from a Biomarker Jeffrey Boatman ; David Vock, University of Minnesota School of Public Health ; Joseph S. Koopmeiners, University of Minnesota
10:10 AM Estimating the Risk of West Nile Virus Transmission Through Tissue Transplantation Ryan Hicks, Colorado State University
10:15 AM The Effect of World Trade Center Exposure on the Timing of Aerodigestive Diagnoses in New York City Firefighters: 2001--2011 Charles Hall, Albert Einstein College of Medicine ; Xiaoxue Liu, Montefiore Medical Center ; Rachel Zeig-Owens, Montefiore Medical Center ; Jessica Weakley, Montefiore Medical Center ; Mayris P. Webber, Montefiore Medical Center ; Theresa Schwartz, Montefiore Medical Center ; David J. Prezant, Fire Department of the City of New York
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