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1: The ASA-NCTM Joint Committee on the Curriculum in Statistics and Probability (1982) Scheaffer, Dick
2: The First International Conference on Teaching Statistics (1982) Swift, Jim
3: Mathematics Curriculum, K-12 (1983) Scheaffer, Dick
4: Ideas for Teaching Statistics to 16-18 Year Olds (1983) No Author
4: Probability and Statistics in Wisconsin (1983) Williamson, Bruce
4: Probability and Statistics on The Scholastic Aptitude Test (1983) No Author
5: NBS Final Report Recommends More Statistics and Probability (1983) Landwehr, Jim
5: Statistics and Probability in Connecticut, Florida, and Georgia (1983) Newman, Claire
5: Statistics and Probability in New Hampshire Schools (1983) Prevost, Fernand
5: Why Offer a High School Level Statistics Course? (1983) Swift, Jim
6: NSF Award Announced (1984) No Author
6: Probability and Statistics on the MAAs High School Contest Examinations (1984) Mientka, Walter
7: Mama, Don't Take Away My Balls and Urn (1984) Barbella, Peter
7: Statistics Education in the USA and Canada as Viewed by an Englishman (1984) Gilchrist, Warren
7: Statistics Institute (1984) Burrill, Gail
8: COMAP Begins High School Project (1985) No Author
8: Report on ICMES (1985) Landwehr, Jim
8: The Implications of Calculators and Computers on Teaching Statistics (1985) Rade, Lennart
8: The Nightingale Network (1985) Swift, Jim
9: Applied Statistics Competition in Britain (1985) Hawkins, Anne
9: International Study Group on Probability and Statistics Concept (1985) Green, David
9: Mathematics Education in American High Schools: Results From the High School and Beyond Study (1985) Sweet, David
9: Summer Institutes in Statistics for High School Teachers (1985) Burrill, Gail
9: VLP Launches High School Experiment (1985) Kettenring, Jon
10: Woodrow Wilson Summer Institutes in Statistics for High School Teachers (1985) Burrill, Gail
11: Sneaky Statistic of the Year Contest (1986) Macy, Sue
11: The Second International Conference on Teaching Statistics, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (1986) Swift, Jim
12: The Second International Conference on Teaching Statistics (1986) No Author
12: United Kingdom Annual Statistics Competition (1986) Hawkins, Anne
13: The Second International Conference on Teaching Statistics (1986) No Author
14: Center for Statistical Education (1987) No Author
14: QLP Participants in the News (1987) No Author
14: The American Statistical Prize Competition (1987) Cameron, Dwayne
15: Quantitative Literacy: The Series and the Software (1987) No Author
15: Sessions on Precollege Statistics at the Joint Statistics Meeting (1987) No Author
15: Statistical Prize Competitions (1987) No Author
15: Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation Summer Institutes in Statistics for Teachers in Mathematics (1987) No Author
16: A New Project in Quantitative Literacy (1987) Burrill, Gail
16: ISI Round Table Conference: "Training Teachers to Teach Statistics" (1987) Hawkins, Anne
16: Statistics: A Domain of the Mathematical Sciences (1987) McNamara, James
16: Winners of the First Annual Statistical Prize Competition (1987) No Author
17: Food For Thought Concerning Standards (1988) No Author
17: The Role of Statistics and Probability in the NCTM Standards (1988) Burrill, Gail
18: Guidelines for Teaching Statistics (1988) No Author
18: Quantitative Literacy Update (1988) Burrill, Gail
18: Suggestions for Designing a High School Statistics Course (1988) McNamara, James
18: The Second Annual American Statistics Prize Competition (1988) No Author
19: Council of Chapters: Slide/Video Show a Big Success (1988) Ruberg, Steve
19: Illinois Institute for Statistics Education (1988) Travers, Janny
19: International Statistical Institutes Round Table Conference (1988) Hawkins, Anne
19: Quantitative Literacy -1988 (1988) Burrill, Gail
19: Some Thoughts on Surveys (1988) Landwehr, Jim
19: Texas Forum on Quantitative Literacy (1988) McNamara, James
20: Against All Odds (1988) Lyons, J
20: Everybody Counts! (1988) Rowe, Kathryn
20: Focus on Quantitative Literacy in the Schools (1988) Rowe, Kathryn
20: Review of Against All Odds (1988) Peterson, Kathy
20: Statistics in Orlando (1988) Burrill, Gail
20: Stats (1988) Rowe, Kathryn
20: Woodrow Wilson Institutes (1988) Gnall, Janet
21: A Data Analysis Activity: Marriage vs. Divorces in the Northern States 1986 (1989) Burrill, Gail (and Tong, Thong, and Prushka, Karen)
21: Against All Odds (1989) Shulte, Albert
21: Satellite Pilot Project Set in Kentucky Schools (1989) Tabor, Judy
22: Against All Odds (1989) Kinney, John
22: Statistics and Probability in K-12 School Mathematics Receives a Big Push from the NCTM Standards for Curriculum and Evaluation in School Mathematics (1989) Kepner, Henry Jr
22: Statistics Camp at University of Puerto Rico (1989) Ghandi, B
23: Statistics and Probability in K-12 School Mathematics Receives a Big Push from the NCTM Standards for Curriculum and Evaluation in School Mathematics PART 2 - The High School Expectations (1990) Kepner, Henry Jr
23: Statistics in Utah (1990) Kinney, John
23: Third Annual Statistical Prize Competition 1989 Results (1990) No Author
23: U.K. Annual Applied Statistics Prize 1988-89 (1990) Hawkins, Anne
24: A Data Analysis Activity: AIDS on the Increase (1990) Bouts, Jean
24: Qunatatitive Literacy: The Series and the Software (1990) Burrill, Gail
24: Woodrow Wilson Summer Instititutes (1990) Gnall, Janet
25: ICOTS 3 (1990) Scheaffer, Dick
25: Wings to the Future in Wichita (1990) Butler, Margaret
26: A Personal Touch (1990) Brewer, Rodney
26: It Sounds Good, But... (1990) Smith, Sanderson
26: Quantitative Literacy Series (1990) Sandberg, Valdimar
27: Statistics and Information Organization (1991) Maggard, R
28: A Classroom Example (1991) Siegel, Murray
28: It Could Have Happened - Sports Headline: Braves Must Lose Final Two Games to Qualify for Playoffs (1991) Smith, Sanderson
28: Statistics in my school (1991) Young, Linda
29: A Student-Constructed Probability Problem (1992) Smith, Sanderson
29: Activities that Led to the QL Project: A Brief Historical Look (1992) Shulte, Albert
29: Statistics in my school (1992) Smith, Sanderson
29: The United Kingdom Centre for Statistical Education (1992) Holmes, Peter
30: Finally! A Reason for Algebra...Statistics! (I'm Serious!) (1992) Ulmer, M
30: Statistical Education in North Carolina (1992) Perry, Mike
31: Learning from Industry: Using Quality Control Techniques to Monitor and Motivate Student Progress (1992) Kimmel, Michael
31: Solution to a Student-Constructed Probability Problem (1992) Smith, Sanderson
31: Statistics Place in the Algebra I Curriculum (1992) Stanulonis, Joanne
33: Apply Now to Host a QL Workshop on the High School Curriculum (1993) Burrill, Gail
33: CHANCE Workshop Heads for San Francisco in August (1993) Snell, J
33: Getting More Mileage Out of Histograms (1993) Short, Tom
33: Simulation Techniques Using the HP 48 (1993) Fetta, Iris
33: TORCH Institutes (1993) Gnall, Janet
33: Two Exercises for Students (1993) Johnson, Roger
34: QL a Hit in Kansas (1993) Keefer, Robert
34: Sunday Morning Moth Selection - An Exploratory Data Analysis Activity (1993) Kimmel, Michael
35: A K-12 Quantitative Literacy Program for Pennsylvania (1994) Morgan, Fred (and Shepler, Jack)
35: Nontraditional Textbooks Leads to Student Projects (1994) Garret, Pam (and Koltas, Greg)
35: Woodrow Wilson Summer Institutes in Statistics and Probability (1994) Sloane, Bill
36: You Can Count on Statistics to Implement The Standards (1994) Stanulonis, Joanne
37: A Data Driven Curriculum Strange for High School Mathematics (1994) Hopfensperger, Pat
37: Americans Lifeline (1994) Adams, M.J. Jr, Adams, L., and Adams, John
37: Project Competition Involvement (1994) Young, Linda
37: Quantitative Literacy in Action (1994) Gourgey, Annette
38: Linking Mathematics and Science Curricula with Statistical Design of Experiments (1995) Peterson, Bob
38: Using Birthday Data to Integrate Statistics into the K-12 Mathematics Curriculum (1995) Hayden, Bob (and Roberts, Bill)
39: Field Trips; Students Meet Statisticians (1995) Pierce, Rebecca
39: Using the Calculator Based Laboratory in the Algebra Classroom (1995) Carbone, Elaine
40: AP Statistics Course to Become a Reality in 1997 (1995) Roberts, Rosemary
40: Best College Data Analyzed (1995) Petsu, Elaine
40: Chance Course... (1995) Snell, Laurie
40: Estimating the Attendance at a Football Game (1995) Brockington, Celeste (and Luedeman, John, and Pruett, Paula)
40: QL Programs, A Review (1995) Crocker, Cathy
40: Teachers Take Probability Activity One Step Further (1995) Tahl, Marilyn
41: A Budget, Salt Usage, and Anti-Ski Usage Analysis (1996) Shuma, Christine
41: Tag and Recapture with Live Prey (1996) Luederman, John
42: Hats Off to Least Squares (1996) Johnson, Roger
43: How Beginning Students Were Able to Spot an Error in the Against All Odds Video (1996) Bruce, Peter (and Simor, Julian)
44: A Quick Introduction to the Statistical Capabilities of the TI-83 Calculator (1997) Short, Tom
45: Efficient Storing of Statistical Data in the TI-83 (1997) Coons, Albert
45: SEAQL Techniques in a Physics Classroom (1997) Thompson, John
45: Teaching Data Analysis to Primary Teachers (1997) Garfield, Joan
45: The TI-83 Makes the CLT Come to Life! (1997) Siegel, Murray
47: Investigating Centers - "Thinking Art" (1998) Kranendonk, Henry
49: Statistical Errors (Type I and Type II) (1998) Smith, Sanderson
52: ASA Advised the NCTM Standards Committe (1999) Moore, Thomas
52: Relationships between Two Variables: A K-12 Instructional Emphasis (1999) Bohan, James
52: Science Education and Quantitative Literacy (1999) Christensen, Art
53: About Factorials (2000) Dessart, Donald
53: Bringing "Life" to Piecewise Defined Functions (2000) Siegel, Murray
54: Introducing Descriptive Statistics and Graphical Summaries (2000) Warner, Brad
55: Spinning for Confidence (2000) Revak, Marie
56: A Statistical Analysis of the California SuperLOTTO Plus Game (2001) Smith, Sanderson
58: All Kisses are Not the Same (2001) Conway, Joyce
58: Learning from Outliers (2001) Katsaounis, Tena
58: The Case for Quantitative Literacy (2001) Steen, L
59: American Statistical Association Center for Statistics Education (2002) Mulekar, Madhuri
59: Catapults and Candy (2002) Buckler, Judy (and Stockstill, Jana and Turner, Becky)
59: NASCAR Slope (2002) Branstetter, Vicki (and Glaesar, Vivian, Knight, Kenise and Little, Andrea)
60: The American Statistics Project Competition (2002) Young, Linda
61: Enrichment for Advanced Placement Statistics Students (2002) Moreno, Jerry
61: Planning the Statistics Education of Future Teachers (2002) Moreno, Jerry
61: Teaching Matrices from a Data Point of View (2002) Moreno, Jerry
62: The American Statistics Poster Competition (2003) Quinn, Linda
62: Winners Of the 13th Annual American Statistics Poster Competition, 2002 (2003) No Author
63: Are you a statistic? (2004) Collins, Pam
63: What We Need to Consider...Data Analysis and Probability Standard for Grades Pre-K-12 (2004) NCTM
65: Active Learning of Probability through Contrasts (2004) Larsen, Michael
65: Learning Basic Probability Through Simulating the Matching Problem (2004) Chance, Beth (and Rossman, Allan)
65: Take a Chance by Exploring the Statistics in Lotteries (2004) Lesser, Larry
66: Illumination through Representation: An Exploration Across the Grades (2005) Lesser, Lawrence
66: Input Sought From Statistical Education Community On Pre K-12 Statistics Guidelines (2005) Franklin, Christine
67: Geometry and Probability for Secondary Students (2005) Echenique, Marcial
67: Lets Win a Prize (2005) Natarus, Michelle
67: Probability and Aces High! (6-8+) (2005) Lehmann, Audra
67: Skittles - I like the red ones! (3+) (2005) Husnu, Lisa
67: Some Websites for Consideration (2005) Ylijoki, Laura
67: The Game of PIG (5+) (2005) Lazerick, Beth
68: A Sequence of Activities for Developing Statistical Concepts (2006) Franklin, Christine (and Kader, Gary)
68: Another Problem - Purchasing Tee Shirts (2006) Franklin, Christine
69: Demystifying Slope with Data (2006) Siegel, Murray
69: Making Money with a Twist! (2006) Spaulding, Susan
70: A Statistical Analysis of MEGA MILLIONS (2006) Smith, Sanderon
70: Showing Pennies (2006) Webb, Derek
71: Meeting within a meeting: ASA program for Math/Science Teachers (2007) No Author
71: Poster and project competitions need entries (2007) No Author
71: Update on GAISE (Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistical Education) (2007) ASA/NCTM Joint Committee
72: The Great Event Search (2008) Webb, Derek
73: Collecting, Depicting, and Understanding Data (2008) Walmsley, Angela
73: Stating Probabilities (2008) Webb, Derek
74: An Excerpt from Making Sense of Statistical Studies (2009) Kranendonk, Henry (and Starnes, Daren; Peck, Roxy; Morita, June)
74: New Zealand Statistics Education Workshop (2009) Horton, Nicholas
74: Second MWM Workshop for K-12 Mathematics and Science Teachers at the 2008 Joint Statistics Meetings (2009) Halvorsen, Katherine (and Nichols, Rebecca)
74: Using Games and Game Shows to Teach Probability (2009) Paul, Sara
75: Are Education Graduates Ready to Teach Stats? (2010) Dobson, Lisa (and Moore, Chris and Keenan, Nicole)
75: Statistics Is FUNdamental: A Statistics Workshop for Secondary Math Teachers (2010) Schneider, Kady
75: Using Peanut M&M?s in an Introductory Statistics Class to Illustrate Binomial Probabilities (2010) Diamond, James
76: MWM Webinars (2010) No Author
76: Statistics for All: the Flip Side of Quantitative Reasoning (2010) Shaughnessy, J. Michael
76: Statistics Workshop for Mathematics and Science Teachers Goes International (2010) Halvorsen, Katherine (and Nichols, Rebecca)
77: Preparing Statistics Educators- Integrating Content, Standards, and Pedagogy (2011) Lurie, Deborah
77: Supporting Learners of Varying Levels of English Proficiency (2011) Lesser, Lawrence M.
78: Don't We All Use Probability Every Day? (2011) Walmsley, Angela L. E. (and Prasad, Sweta)
78: Student Poster Presentations: K-12 (2011) Perrett, Jamis J. (and Cook, Di)
79: The Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (2012) Slauson, Leigh
79: What's So Significant About Statistical Significance? (2012) Rush, Douglas K.
79: Why Are Polls So Often Reported with a +/- 3% Caveat? (2012) Hessney, Sharon
80: A Look Back at the Statistics Teacher Network from December 1988 to May 1992 (2013) Walmsley, Angela L.E.
80: Active Learning of Statistics: How Far Have We Come? (2013) Thiel, David
80: Reflections from a Veteran Editor: Creating a Statistically Literate Citizenry (2013) Moreno, Jerry
80: STN: Thirty Years and Counting (2013) Pierce, Rebecca
80: The Early Years: 1982-1985 (2013) Cohen, Jessica
80: The Most Recent Issues (2013) Webb, Derek
81: 2013: The International Year of Statistics (2013) Walmsley, Angela L.E.
81: AP Statistics and Homeschoolers: A Good Fit? (2013) Ellis, Lina
81: ASA Census at School Program Hits 12,000-Student Milestone (2013) No Author
81: Core Math Tools: Supporting Effective Implementation of CCSSM (2013) Hopfensperger, Patrick
81: Creation of a Grand Statistical Poem (2013) van Schalkwijk, Daan
81: LOCUS: Expanding the A in GAISE (2013) Jacobbe, Tim (and Franklin, Christine)
81: One 'Mean' Class (2013) Lesser, Lawrence M.
82: Harnessing the Potential of Outside Resources in a First or Second Year Statistics Course (2013) Blacklow, Serena (and O'Reilly, Cam)
82: Kicking And Screaming About Statistics:How Soccer Data Can Potentially Alleviate Statistical Anxiety (2013) Sanchez, Juana (and Dianne Cook, Johnny Masegela, Marela Kay Minosa)
82: Using Concept-Mapping in Introductory Statistics (2013) Izumi, Alisa
83: Lessons from the LOCUS Assessments (Part 1): Comparing Groups (2014) Whitaker, Douglas (and Tim Jacobbe)
83: Observations from the Winners of the 2013 Statistics Poster Competition-Praise and Future Improvements (2014) Symanzik, Juergen (and Naomi B. Robbins, Richard M. Heiberger)
84: How Wet Is the Earth? (2014) Kapitula, Laura Ring (and Paul Stephenson)
84: Lessons from the LOCUS Assessments (Part 2): Center, Spread, and Informal Inference (2014) Case, Catherine (and Tim Jacobbe)
84: The Probability of Winninga High-School Football Game (2014) Brown, Jennifer L.
84: Using Statistics to Lie, Distort, and Abuse Data (2014) Bintz, William P. (and Sara Delano Moore, Cheryll M. Adams, Rebecca L. Pierce)
85: Lessons from the LOCUS Assessments (Part 3): Boxplots (2015) Foti, Steven (and Tim Jacobbe)
85: Power and Effect Size (2015) Rush, Douglas K.
85: Sampling in Archaeology (2015) Richardson, Mary
86: A Basic Overview of Tests of Statistical Significance (2015) Freeman, Gregory
86: Statistics Education and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice (2015) Cohen, Jessica
86: The ASA's New Statistics Toolkit (2015) Myers, Jeff
87: A Conceptual Approach to Teaching Standard Deviation (2016) Haller, Susan (and Melissa Hanzsek-Brill)
87: ASA PR Campaign for Students, Teachers, Counselors Continues Expanding Reach (2016) No Author
87: Let's Make a Deal: The Monty Hall Problem (2016) Rush, Douglas K.
87: StatStart 2015 (2016) Talbot, Octavious (and Alex Ocampo, Sam Tracy, Kelly Mosesso, Marcello Pagano, Aisha Rahman)
88: Double Stuffed? (2016) Dorko, Allison
88: Helping Community College Math Instructors Teach Statistics Effectively (2016) Teachout, Matt
88: Why 0.05? Two Examples That Put Students in the Role of Decision Maker (2016) Dorazio, Leah

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