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The Statistics Teacher Network—a newsletter formerly published twice yearly by the American Statistical Association (ASA)/National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability for Grades K–12—has transitioned to Statistics Teacher. Statistics Teacher (ST) is an online journal that supports the teaching and learning of statistics through education articles, lesson plans, announcements, professional development opportunities, technology, assessment, and classroom resources.

This site hosts the archives of the Statistics Teacher Network.


In 1967, the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee was created by the American Statistical Association and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and given the responsibility of supporting a newsletter, Statistics Teacher Network, for communication with precollege teachers.

The first issue of the Statistics Teacher Network newsletter (commonly referred to as simply STN) appeared in September 1982, with Ann Watkins as editor. Beth Bryan took over the reins three years later with issue 10, followed by Jack Kinney in December 1988 with issue 19. Jerry Moreno became editor with issue 31 and continued through issue 62. Issues 63–71 were under the leadership of Beth Lazerick. STN’ s format changed from hard copy to electronic with issue 72 and three more editors were added: Derek Webb (chief editor) and associate editors Larry Peterson, Rebecca Pierce, and Angie Walmsley. Rebecca Pierce became editor with issue 79. Angela Walmsley became editor with issue 85 through the final STN issue 88 and continued as editor during the transition to Statistics Teacher in 2017.

STN was a free publication with the goal of keeping grades K–12 teachers informed about statistical workshops; programs; and reviews of books, software, and calculators. In addition, articles were included that describe successful statistical activities for the classroom. Contributors came from all levels of statistical expertise; the editor was responsible for collecting all appropriate information.

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