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Special Session: Energize Our Future

What is the future of statistical sciences? Who will celebrate the ASA's 200th anniversary?

In planning the celebration of the ASA's 175th anniversary, members of the steering committee established three areas of focus for the forward-looking part of the anniversary theme: StatSharp, StatGrowth, and StatImpact.

StatSharp focuses on expanding statistical education and raising awareness among the next generation of statistics as an attractive career choice.

StatGrowth focuses on growing ASA members and the membership.

StatImpact focuses on the influence of statistics by demonstrating the benefit of statistical thinking in making evidence-based decisions and policies.

Come hear three speakers who are intimately involved with the ASA speak about these areas that are critically important to the long-term prosperity of the ASA and statistical profession.

Sponsored by the 175th Anniversary Steering Committee

Jessica Utts Jessica Utts
University of California, Irvine
"The Many Faces of Statistics Education: Past, Present, and Future"
Robert Rodriquez Robert Rodriquez
SAS Institute
"Who Will Celebrate Our 200th Anniversary? Growing the Next Generation of ASA Members"
Ronald L. Wasserstein Ronald L. Wasserstein
"StatImpact: The Future of the Statistical Sciences"