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In this auspicious year 2000, the urge to look both forward and backward proved irresistible and, like many before me, I succumbed to the temptation of reviewing our history in an attempt to foresee our future.

W. Michael O'Fallon, 2000 ASA President

First ASA Officers

Richard Fletcher, President
Henry Lee and Bradford Sumner, Vice-Presidents
Joseph B. Felt, Recording Secretary
Lemuel Shattuck, Home Secretary
Joseph E. Worcester, Foreign Secretary
William Cogswell, Ebenezer Alden, Oliver W. B. Peabody, John P. Bigelow, Horace Mann, John D. Fisher, Bela B. Edwards, Samuel G. Howe, and Jesse Chickering, Counsellors

Just for Fun

History of Cornhill, Massachusetts, where the ASA was founded

Census records from the 1840 Census

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Statisticians in History

ASA Presidents

Presidential Papers

ASA Archives at Iowa State University

Digital Collections Iowa State University Library

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75th Anniversary: Journal of the American Statistical Association, 1914 Volume 14, #105

100th Anniversary: Journal of the American Statistical Association, 1940 Volume 35, #209b

125th Anniversary: The American Statistician, 1965 Volume 19, #2

150th anniversary: The American Statistician, 1990 Volume 44, #2